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New Release – 30th October 2022

30 Oct, 2022 | Release Notes

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Feature 1: Create purchase order directly from sale order

Impact area:

Sale module, inventory module


Previously to this release, users were able to create purchase orders from sale orders for the entire sale if any of the sale order items were out of stock. With this release, users can create purchase orders directly from the sale order regardless of stock availability of the sale order items.


  • Add suppliers to products (recommended).


  • Create a sale order from Sale → New Simple/Advanced sale and enter the customer and order details
  • Authorise the sale.
  • Select Create Purchase Order and select either:
    • For entire sale: Opens a new purchase order containing all of the items in the sale order.
  • Product quantities can be edited and product lines removed. If all products have the same supplier assigned, the supplier field will be auto-filled with this value. Otherwise, the supplier will be left blank.
  • Once authorised, the purchase order will appear in the Related Orders tab of the sale order and vice versa.
  • Purchase orders can be created for a single supplier only. Multiple purchase orders can be created.
  • Purchase order authorisation does not hard allocate the purchased products to the sale order. When products are received, they can be picked by other sales.

More information:

Processing a sale – Create purchase order from sale order


Feature 2: Discount applied in B2B displayed in quote, sale order, and sale invoice memo fields

Impact area:

Sales module, B2B portal


Previously, discounts applied in B2B portal did not show in DEAR web portal, only the discounted price. With this release, discount percentage will be displayed in the quote memo, sale order memo, and sale invoice memo fields of a sale in DEAR.

Discount logic will not be changed. Displayed discount is for informational purposes only, the figures will not be used in any system calculations. No user action is required.


  • No user action is required.

More information:


Product deals


Feature 3: Save card details with Authorize.net for payments

Impact area:

Authorize.net integration


Authorize.net is a payment gateway service provider, allowing merchants to accept credit card and electronic check payments through their website and over an Internet Protocol (IP) connection. DEAR generates electronic documents (PDF, email content) to enable your customers to seamlessly pay quotes and invoices using pay links. With this release, our developers have updated the integration to allow customers to save their credit card details via Authorize.net and make payments without re-entering card details.

It will not be possible to edit/delete a customer profile, however this is planned for a future release.


  • Authorize.net integration
  • Users will need the Integration – Authorize.net user permission to access this feature.


  • When a customer makes a payment for an invoice or B2B order, Authorize.net will check if the customer email is associated with a Customer profile in Authorize.net
    • If no customer profile exists, the customer will be given the option to create one from the invoice/order checkout page. Customer can then enter card details and save them for future use.
    • If a customer profile exists, customer can choose to use previously saved details or enter new card details.
  • Customer can then click Pay to complete the payment.

NOTE: No card data is stored in DEAR, all card data is stored on the Authorize.net side.

More information:



Feature 4: Adding tags in bulk for production orders

Impact area:

Advanced manufacturing module


DEAR users can use tags to label and organise production orders. With this release, tags can be added to orders in bulk as well as individually. Tags can now be viewed from the production orders list.


  • Advanced manufacturing module subscription
  • Users will need the Production – Production List & Tasks user permission to access this feature.


  • Open the production orders list by going to Production → Production orders
  • Select one or more production orders with the checkboxes
  • Select Add tag
  • Enter a new tag name or select from the dropdown menu. Save to add this tag to all selected production orders.
  • To view tags, click the Gear icon and make sure Tags is shown as a column.

Tags can be added for the production orders in any status. Newly added tags do not override any tags already added to a production order.

More information:

Production orders list 

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