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Enter a new era
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Save time and labor on every accounting process with accounting and inventory software that’s seamlessly connected to every aspect of your business.

Procurement software enables you to make accurate, efficient and proactive purchasing decisions — no matter which industry you operate in.

Benefit from strategic elements like supplier analysis and financial summaries or incorporate crucial day-to-day features like purchase orders, barcode scanning or batch recalls.

Make Smarter Supplier Choices

Choose your suppliers with confidence based on value and profit. By recording your entire purchase history, DEAR allows you to access comprehensive supplier information, powering intelligent decision-making and minimising financial losses.

Process Inventory With Speed And Accuracy

Use barcode scanning technology to save yourself time and reduce the risk of incorrect data entry. Whether on stock arrival or during product picks, simply scan the product barcode and DEAR will automatically select the correct inventory every time.

Automate Reorders and Backorders

Enjoy the peace of mind that you’ll always have enough stock. With DEAR, you can set low stock reorder points to automatically trigger a purchase order when you’re running low. Meanwhile, our automated backorder feature ensures orders are fulfilled when stock arrives

Easily Upload Purchase Orders

Simplify purchase order management and gain back valuable time. DEAR makes it easy to upload large purchase orders using a downloadable template – simply populate with your line items and upload to our centralised platform.

Manage your suppliers smoothly

Suppliers form an indispensable part of any business, and hence, managing suppliers is crucial. DEAR suppliers management allows you to achieve cost savings and quality control and also improves your organization supply transparency and monitor the suppliers’ capabilities to meet current and future demands.


The Smart Reordering feature in DEAR allows forecasting of future product sales and generating email alerts to reorder products from merchants

All Purchase Features


Purchase Orders


Bills and Credit Memos


Multiple Deliveries


Serial and Batch Numbers


Barcode Scanning

Drop Shipping

Bulk Upload of Large Purchase Orders

Full Purchase History


Reorder Backordered Products

Landed Costs

Reorder Stock Levels

Pending Purchase Orders

Inventory Movement Details

Inventory Movement Summary

Purchase Invoice Details

Products Price List

Product Reordering

Lot / Batch Recall

Inventory Aging

We Integrate With

Companies build their own workflows on their favorite solutions on the market which integrated with DEAR

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Outdoor Adventure Goods

"DEAR is going to save you a lot of headaches, it's going to save you a lot of time and stress and money, and you'll see the results in your business pretty quickly."

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Food Manufacturing

The first year we used DEAR, we concentrated on sales growth and saw an 18% increase in our top-line revenue because of the extra insight it gave us.

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French-Style Wine Producer

"DEAR enabled us to scale more efficiently. We have been able to automate a number of key processes,

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Electro-Mechanical Hardware

DEAR certainly helped with the professionalism of the software.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to know the stock levels of the products that I am purchasing without exiting the PO screen?

You can compare the ordered item quantities with your inventory stock levels using the Verify Order function. Based on this comparison, you can then decide whether to keep an item in your PO or not. Click Verify Order. Wait until DEAR finishes comparing the quantities in your PO with your inventory stock levels. Review the items found in your inventory. Note the items that you may want to delete or change the quantities of. Click Back to Order to go back to the PO screen. You can then change the quantities of items or remove items from your PO.

How do I manage the Purchase Order process if the Procurement team has the final say before proceeding to invoicing?

You can enable the Order Approval Feature in General Settings- Purchase Process Custimization. Order Approval is applied to Simple Purchases, Service Purchases and Advanced Purchases. Once an order is authorised, instead of going directly to the Stock Received or Invoice tab, the options Reject and Approve will appear. • Clicking Approve will continue to the next tab as usual to continue the purchase process. • Clicking Reject will convert the purchase order to a rejected purchase order. Rejected purchase orders are read-only, and payments cannot be applied.

Can I receive the stock in multiple locations?

Yes, you can receive the stock in multiple locations at the stock received stage, just choose the desired location for each product and click authorize. Alternatively, you can bulk import the received items in multimple locations via cvs file by using the import button.

Can I receive less stock than I have ordered and close the Purchase Order?

Yes, you can click Mark as Received to confirm no further stock will be received, close the order and remove the order from the pending orders list.

What if my supplier cannot fulfil the entire order at once?

In this case, the supplier will make multiple deliveries to fulfil a single purchase order. To receive a shipment with multiple deliveries, convert the purchase order to an Advanced Purchase. Advanced purchases are designed to handle purchase orders where multiple invoices and stock deliveries are to be considered part of the same purchase

How to remove the incorrectly received items from the inventory and accounts?

For most incorrectly received shipments, the simple unstock procedure will be sufficient. A credit note is applied to the order for the value of the incorrectly received items to update your accounts, then the unstock procedure will be started automatically to remove the items from your inventory.

Why the unstock function is not working?

If the product to unstock has been sold, transferred or had quantity adjusted, the Unstock function will not be able to remove the item from inventory automatically. In this case, a credit note will still need to be authorised, but then a stock adjustment will need to be performed to correct your inventory levels

Can I delete suppliers from the system?

Suppliers can be deprecated when they are no longer active or in use. If a supplier has not been used in any transaction, its record can be deleted from DEAR. Suppliers that have been used in transactions cannot be deleted from DEAR. Deprecated suppliers will not be available for selection during purchase operations.

What if I overpaid the supplier for the delivered items?

In this case you can use the supplier deposits feature. Supplier Deposits are money that you have paid to a supplier which can be used against future purchases. Before using Supplier Deposits, you will need an account to hold them. It must be a current asset account and have the ability to accept payments. Once you have an account to hold your supplier deposits, you can start adding supplier deposits with your different suppliers. There are three methods of adding a supplier deposit: through a purchase order, through a credit note/refund, or through the Spend Money function.

Can I pay my suppliers in bulk?

Yes, bulk supplier payments feature allows you to pay some or all of your outstanding invoices for a supplier at once

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