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New Release – 23rd MAY 2021

24 May, 2021 | Release Notes

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New Feature

Feature 1: Allocate credit note refunds as partial payment to an invoice

Impact area: Sales and Advanced Sales

Introduction: Previously, credit note refunds could be applied as partial payment to an invoice via a workaround – refunds were processed as a customer credit, and the customer credit could be applied to an invoice. With this release, credit note refunds can be allocated directly to a sale invoice as payment to close out both documents.

Credit notes applied as part payment in Xero and QBO will be synced to DEAR and vice versa.

Pre-conditions: Customer must have an existing credit note balance from any sale or standalone credit note


  • Credit note refunds can be applied to invoices directly from the Invoice tab of a simple sale or advanced sale.
  • In the Payment section, click Allocate Credit Note to bring up a list of credit notes for the sale customer.
  • Select a credit note which has not been fully refunded to allocate some of the credit note balance to the invoice as a partial payment.
  • Edit the Allocated amount if necessary and click Add & Save.
  • This applies the credit note balance to the invoice and updates payment accounts and reports, and syncs to Xero and QBO if applicable.

More information:

Feature 2: API endpoints added for CRM module (Leads, Opportunities), and tasks

Impact area: CRM module, Tasks module (Automation), DEAR API

Introduction:DEAR allows its users to run activities via its API. CRM module functions including lead creation, creating tasks and task workflows, etc can now be automated via the DEAR API.


  • Upgrade subscription to enable Automation module
  • Enable Tasks through Settings→ Automation→ Task settings
  • Task setup must be enabled
  • Task categories must be defined
  • Calendar must be set up with workdays and weekends, holidays defined
  • Notifications must be enabled (for automated task workflows)

Functionality: See the DEAR Developer Portal link for a detailed list of all Production API fields.

More information:

Feature 3: Workflow Activity Log added to all purchases

Impact area: Purchase module

Introduction: Each purchase now displays an activity log of automated actions due to workflows as well as an activity log of user actions. This applies to simple purchase, advanced purchase, service purchase, and credit note purchase.

Pre-conditions: None


  • On a simple purchase, credit note purchase, and service purchase, go to the Logs & Attributes tab and scroll to Workflow Activity Log to view activity.
  • On an advanced purchase, go to the History tab on the right of the screen and scroll to Workflow Activity Log to view activity.

Feature 4: Account mapping for In Transit accounts

Impact area: Inventory module

Introduction: An In Transit account is used by transfer orders in order to record the costs of items in transit. Previously, this account would be manually selected during a stock transfer, however now a default in transit account can be mapped.


  • Set up Chart of Accounts
  • Create an asset account for in transit stock if one does not already exist

Functionality: Go to Settings → Reference Books → Financial → Account Mapping and choose an In-transit Account from the dropdown menu

More information:

Feature 5: Delivery Scheduling for DEAR WMS

Impact area: DEAR WMS

Introduction: Sales may be made through DEAR POS and DEAR web portal that will be delivered to the customer later. Delivery Scheduling for WMS allows the user to view a list of scheduled deliveries assigned to them, mark deliveries as completed, and attach photos of proof of delivery.



  • Open DEAR WMS and select Delivery Schedule from the main menu.
  • Here users can view a list of delivery tasks assigned to them, the items and delivery details, mark a delivery in transit and completed, and attach a photo of delivery confirmation.

More information:

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