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New Release – 14th May 2022

14 May, 2022 | Release Notes

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Feature 1: Filter sales notifications by sales channel

Impact area:

Automation module, sales module


Previously to this release, sales notifications (e.g. sale order has been authorised) could be enabled or disabled for all sales only. With this release, the user can enable/disable sales notifications for each connected sales channel (Shopify, Amazon, etc.), DEAR B2B portal, DEAR POS sales, and in-app sales.


  • You must be subscribed to the automation module in order to use this feature.


  1. This feature is only available for users with a subscription to the automation module. See here for how to add the automation module to your subscription.
  2. Go to Settings → Automation → Notifications → Sale and select a notification.
  3. Use the toggles to enable/disable the notification for different sales channels.

NOTE: Sale has been shipped notification cannot be filtered by sales channel.

More information:



Feature 2: Demo data for advanced manufacturing module

Impact area:

Production/Advanced manufacturing module


With this release, DEAR now provides production demo data for new trial accounts. This data can then be deleted or kept when signing up to DEAR. The following data is included:

  • Advanced manufacturing settings (factory calendar, resources, work centers, logistics path)
  • SKUs with production BOM
    • Products with simple production BOM
    • Parent/nested production BOMs
    • Multi-product production BOM with two versions to show different cost calculation methods: Sales Value and NRV
    • Make To Order BOM
    • Co-manufacturing BOM with two versions, partial co-manufacturing and full co-manufacturing
    • Phantom BOM
  • Production orders
    • Scheduled orders and planned orders shown in Capacity Planner


  • You must be subscribed to the advanced manufacturing module in order to use this feature.

More information:

Getting Started with the Advanced Manufacturing module


Feature 3: Show underrun cost/time on production reports

Impact area:

Production reports


The Actual vs Planned Cycle Time report and Production Cost Breakdown report show overrun % and units of production time and production cost, respectively. However, if actual time/cost was lower than planned time/cost, the value would be displayed as 0. With this release, overrun and underrun % and units will now be shown, displayed with a + or – symbol for clarity.

More information:

Actual vs Planned Cycle Time Report

Production Cost Breakdown Report


Feature 4: Shopify – Partial order fulfilment

Impact area:

Shopify integration, Sales module


In Shopify customers have the ability to make several fulfilments of the same order, or, partial fulfilment. Previously to this release, DEAR exports to Shopify did not support partial fulfilment – any fulfilment of items from an order would mark the order as fulfilled in Shopify. Additionally, while order ID and tracking number were exported, the export did not contain detailed information about fulfilled items.

With this release, our users can now optionally enable partial fulfilment and export of detailed information of fulfilled items. This setting can be enabled, but left disabled for users who prefer to continue using the previous functionality.


  • Active Shopify integration
  • Pick, Pack and Ship process mode for online sales setting CANNOT be Load data from Shopify
  • Each location in Shopify must be mapped to a single location in DEAR (1-1 mapping). Shopify locations cannot be mapped to All locations in DEAR. When a new Shopify location is added, it must be mapped to a DEAR location before partial fulfilment can resume.
  • Go to Setup tab of Shopify integration in DEAR and slide toggle for Enable partial fulfilment


  • Enable partial fulfilment must be active.
  • If the sale order is a simple sale, Convert the sale to an advanced sale.
  • Create a fulfilment for the advanced sale.
  • When DEAR next synchronises with Shopify, the order in Shopify will receive the status Partially fulfilled. Fulfillment information will be exported to Shopify.

NOTE: Fulfillment cannot be carried out in Shopify and DEAR simultaneously. Either fulfilment is carried out in DEAR or it is carried out in Shopify.

More information:

Shopify Integration

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