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New Improvements to DEAR – 31st March 2019

04 Apr, 2019 | Release Notes

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New Improvements to DEAR

Sync Multiple Credit notes from Shopify Orders

  • Multiple credit note support is now available on most sources, including sales transactions from Shopify.
    This update is transparent for most users. For more information, click here.

Sales Bulk Actions

  • Bulk actions can now be performed on all sales, including advanced sales. Previously, these bulk actions
    were limited to simple sales only. For the most part, the mechanics for bulk actions are the same for both
    simple and advanced sales, though there are some differences in how bulk actions are applied in advanced
    sales. For more information, click here.

Save Reporting Layouts

  • When laying out reports, you can now save existing report layouts as new layouts. To ensure that existing
    layouts remain available for you, we recommend that you save customised reports as new layouts. For more
    information, click here.


In addition to the new DEAR functionality, there are also a couple of changes on DEAR POS, namely:

  • Tyro/Vantiv (TriPOS) Payment Setup Configuration at Outlet Level. Payment system setup
    was previously available only from the POS level on the DEAR POS integration page. This setup can now be
    overridden at the outlet level. This means that different outlets can now use different Tyro or Vantiv
    TriPOS accounts for payment processing.
  • Users can now be given Can Sell on Account permissions. Users with these permissions can
    now sell on account in DEAR POS. For more information on these changes, click here.

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