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Optimize Your Supply Chain Management with Lokad

Why use DEAR with Lokad?

Lokad delivers the best supply chain decisions that technology can produce. It provides an end-to-end solution that accounts for every demand pattern and every constraint that applies to your supply chain.

Make better purchasing & replenishing decisions

By integrating Lokad with DEAR Inventory you can easily decide when and how much to reorder; decide when to produce more or when to liquidate; and decide how to re-balance stocks between locations.

Deep Exploration for Decisions

End-to-End Management

Economic Optimization

A Supply Chain Scientist Co-Pilot

All Features Included.

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Our commitment is to deliver the best forecast that technology can produce. Our technology leverages machine learning and big data. We also use high-dimensional correlation between products.
Seasonality, trends, product lifecycles, collections, promotions, stock-outs, day of the week, day of the month, bulk purchases, project-based purchases … all these demand patterns are managed automatically by our forecasting engine. If the data exists then Lokad will make the most of it.


Minimal Order Quantities come in many flavors: quantity per item, quantity per order, quantity per batch, quantity per shipment, lot multipliers. Lokad supports all of these variants, and even all combinations of these variants. With overseas imports frequently comes the constraint of purchasing up to a full container, or half of a full container. Optimizing that space means saving money and time. Lokad composes reports that allow you to maximize the content of each container and minimize the cost.


Lokad loads and processes tabular files that are stored in your account. Lokad supports a wide spectrum of data formats such as CSV or Excel sheets. With our DEAR integration, your business data import will be handled automatically. However, it is also possible to load files manually or use automated file transfer protocols, such as SFTP, FTPS and FTP.


We combine the probabilistic forecasts produced by our forecasting engine with all the relevant economic drivers for your company: carrying costs, cost of stock-outs, gross-margins, shipment costs, in order to calculate purchase order quantities that maximize the returns for every single dollar or euro that you put into your inventory. We strive for full automation to refresh all your numbers as frequently as you need them.


Unlike solutions that force you to drill-down through walls of vanity metrics, Lokad lets you gather all of your KPIs into one page. Naturally, you can create as many dashboards as you like, each time crafting the exact set of metrics that you want to see together. Our dashboards can be embedded into any third-party webapp as long you can insert a tiny HTML snippet (iframe inclusion). Lokad supports full collaborative approaches where everyone can look at the same numbers at the same time.


Lokad is more than just a software: we also provide an end-to-end inventory optimization service where we guide you in your inventory management and advise you based on the unique needs of your business. Lokad’s team is here to deliver hands-on assistance based on our significant experience in optimizing businesses of all sizes, in nearly all market segments all around the world. Our managed accounts benefit from an end-to-end service solution, where our Supply Chain Scientists take care of crafting an optimization logic entirely dedicated to your company.

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