What’s improved & new?

  1. New Salable SKU: Get notified when new products are Created when the “I’m selling this product” option or when an existing product changes the option to “enabled”.
  2. Address lookup: Google Maps API will help add contact addresses on pages when creating a new purchase, supplier, customer, sale at the form as a drop-down list which autocompletes as you enter keywords.
  3. Smart Reordering POS: The Parked Sales page will be refreshed Automatically every minute it’s open.
  4. New general setting: “Fill invoice date” will have 2 options, Current Date and Sale Order Date. When an invoice date is auto-filled, a new setting will be applied when a Sale task or a Sale List Bulk Actions is being used selecting an option to determine a value for invoice date.
  5. Combined Sales printing: Two new mail merge tables are added which contains carrier information for order and pick which are Orders Combined By Carrier and Pick Combined No Batches By Carrier.
  6. Advanced Purchase: New Improvement to Purchase cost calculation, cost distribution is implemented for cases when partial stock received for Invoicing & Receiving the items and in support for accrual transactions for advanced purchase.
  7. Simple Purchase: Users are now allowed printing and emailing a draft purchase order.
  8. DEAR POS: This task implements chained exchanges, Users are able to make a sale, then exchange one item, then exchange previously exchanged item/s.
  9. DEAR POS: Users are now allowed to set up reordering quick keys.