Stock Transfer function has been improved to support stock ” In Transit ” scenarios. New fields “Stock Sent Date”, “In Transit Account” & Stock Received Date” have been added to the stock transfer function. Further in addition to this, new mail merge fields have been added to StockTransfer mail merge table: DateSent, DateReceived, InTransitAccount

New mail merge fields added in Purchase/Sale mail merge table: TotalOrderDiscount, TotalQuoteDiscount, TotalInvoiceDiscount

Product Management Enhancement – If a product is linked to an external sales channel e.g. Magento & Woocommerce, you can now view descriptions of this product in DEAR that are displayed in either of these channels.

Gift Cards are now supported in POS and B2B.

Shipping Zones have been updated to introduce special shipping zones that forbid shipment to a specified destination.

Integration with Shippit and Shipstation enhanced which allows DEAR to get shipping rate estimates (in-app and B2B).

An option has been added to B2B portal settings to set Minimum Order Amounts.