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Make insightful manufacturing decisions.

With the right data at your fingertips and powerful bill of materials software, cost-effective manufacturing is possible.

Optimize your manufacturing process, minimize losses and develop winning pricing strategies with bill of materials software. 

It’s time to take manufacturing to the next level. Enjoy a 360-degree view of your production costs and inventory status so that you can make strategic business decisions informed by a wealth of data — like pricing strategies or loss reduction practices.


With DEAR, creating a detailed Bill of Materials for your entire inventory and subassemblies is simple, giving you a true picture of raw material, labour and overhead costs.


Never lose track of on-the-job costs. With DEAR’s Job Costing module, you can easily track your inventory and service-based expenses while a job is being undertaken, plus issue an invoice to the client with a built-in margin at pre-set milestones.


Embark on your projects with complete certainty over manufacturing costs and raw material availability. DEAR’s Finished Goods module gives you instant visibility into material levels and associated costs, as well as automatically ordering missing components.


Avoid losing time accounting for damaged or missing inventory. Our Issue to Production module makes it incredibly simple to write off inventory that has been lost, stolen, damaged, given away or used internally, and can be applied to both inventory and service-based expenses.

All Manufacturing Features

Advanced Bill of Materials

Job Costing

Barcode Scanning

Wastage / Scrap Treatment

Auto-Assembly Option

Serial and Batch Numbers

Estimated Manufacturing Costs

Auto Disassembly Option

Component Replacement

Additional Manufacturing Expense Tracking

Processing Lost, Damaged and Stolen Goods

Yield Adjustments

Manufacturing Reports

Finished Goods Analysis

Lot / Batch Expiry

Products Reordering

Disassembly Analysis

Lot / Batch Recall

Job Costing Materials

Products Low on Stock

Lot Recall

Inventory Aging

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Featured Customer Stories

96.5% of our clients would recommend our services to others

"DEAR enabled us to scale more efficiently. We have been able to automate a number of key processes, reducing manual error and time taken on admin; visibility of writebacks from our F&A and other."

"The first year we used DEAR, we concentrated on sales growth and saw an 18% increase in our top-line revenue because of the extra insights it gave us."

“It`s mainly the inventory control side of things that we use day to day. We have heavily use it for order entry, purchasing, reporting and assemblies. They`re all pretty intuitive. It would be impossible to do this without DEAR."

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