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Customer Stories

Urban Couture


How One Décor Startup Dramatically Reduced Stockouts and Increased Revenue Using Cloud-Based Inventory Management

Through hard work and smart decision making, Urban Couture experienced early success in their home décor startup.

But as they grew to 10 employees across multiple locations, they began experiencing consistent stockouts, slow sales growth, and frustration with manually syncing data across the applications they used to run their business.

In reflecting on these challenges, they knew they needed a solution to streamline their order fulfillment and improve their inventory management.

Inside this case study, you’ll discover:

  • The one “solution” that caused the majority of Urban Couture’s problems (and how costly it can be for startups and small businesses)
  • The specific features Urban Couture needed in their inventory management software (and how critical they are for you to run a profitable business)
  • The impressive results Urban Couture experienced after implementing DEAR Inventory (and how you can gain similar or better results)
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