Comprehensive Sales Process

Consolidate sales from all channels and track customer orders from quote, to pick, pack and shipment. Flexible functionality allows you to Split orders for partial shipment or create Backorders and ensure you never lose another sale. In addition you can utilise our flexible Drop Shipment functionality to sell inventory you do not actually stock.


Take control of your inventory with centralised order tracking for all sales channels. Keeping track of all orders coming from ecommerce, retail location and phone sales can become a nightmare overnight. In DEAR you can access a consolidated list of all orders coming from all sales channels, easily view the status of each order and ensure you never lose another sale.


Use our drop shipment functionality to sell items you never actually stock. DEAR supports a Drop Ship model where you never actually stock the inventory you sell to end customer. You able to create a Sale Order for a customer and based on this automatically generate a Purchase Order to your supplier with customer’s shipment details, essentially saving you time and unnecessary paperwork.


Take advantage of Barcode Scanning functionality during fulfilment process. Barcode scanning functionality can be used during the Pick stage of the fulfilment process and reduces human error by ensuring correct inventory is picked every time. This feature is especially useful when dealing with batch or serial numbers associated with your inventory.


Integration with POS systems ensures your sales through a retail location are reflected in your inventory. DEAR’s integration with POS systems will ensure that any sale made through your retail location is reflected in your inventory and relevant transactions and documents are generated to cater for accounting requirements.


All features are available, connect your online shops and shipping platform