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Integrate Cin7 Core Inventory with Zapier for workflow automation

Zapier allows you to build more powerful automated workflows to streamline your operations and get more more done wtih fewer actions.

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Workflow automation that is truly next level

On Zapier, with just a few clicks, you can perform multi-step processes that integrates Cin7 Core with some of the most common apps you use regularly to save precious time – all without having to deal with a single line of code.


10+ Zapier Templates

Easy Workflow Automation

Streamline Operations

Works on All Your Favourite Devices

10+ Zapier templates

Cin7 Core currently provides 10+ Zapier templates that offer ready made integrations for easy workflow automation – and the list is growing every day.

Add Cin7 Core subscribers to MailChimp from a new Cin7 Core sale

Easily connect Cin7 Core with MailChimp and instantly add subscribers to your account every time you register a sale in Cin7 Core. Keep your subscriber base updated and synced with Cin7 Core.

Create Cin7 Core Customer for New Subscriber on MailChimp

Generate a new customer in Cin7 Core whenever you get a new subscriber in MailChimp. Helpful for customer registrations and similar applications.

Create a MailChimp subscriber for fulfilled Cin7 Core order

Create targeted campaigns by creating MailChimp subscribers every time a Cin7 Core order is fulfilled. Tailor your messaging to your closed leads or track them separately.

Create MailChimp subscriber for paid Cin7 Core invoice

Automatically create a subscriber in MailChimp every time a Cin7 Core invoice is paid. Helpful for creating targeted lists with paying customers or to otherwise organize your subscribers.

Create a new customer in Cin7 Core for new Salesforce contact

Keep Cin7 Core and Salesforce synced by creating a new customer in Cin7 Core automatically every time you get a new Salesforce contact. Keep your customer information updated across both platforms.

Create new Salesforce contact for new customer in Cin7 Core

Sync Cin7 Core with Salesforce and create a new contact in Salesforce after you get one in Cin7 Core. Keep your customer databases accurate in your CRM and inventory management software.

Save new Cin7 Core invoice to Slack channel

Save any new Cin7 Core invoices to a Slack channel for convenient payment access. Connect Cin7 Core with this popular collaboration platform.

Save new Cin7 Core order to Slack channel

Save any new Cin7 Core orders to your Slack channel for greater productivity and collaboration. Eliminate the need to manually copy your orders to Slack.

Save new Cin7 Core attachment to Google Drive

Save any new Cin7 Core sale attachments to your Google Drive so your team can access them in one central cloud location. Leverage the power of Google Drive and Cin7 Core inventory software.

Send SMS on invoice authorization

Keep important parties notified by sending a SMS text message upon invoice authorization. Keep your payment process moving smoothly through real-time notifications.

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Companies build their own workflows on their favorite solutions on the market which integrated with Cin7 Core

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96.5% of our clients would recommend our services to others

Business Type:



Outdoor Adventure Goods

"Cin7 Core is going to save you a lot of headaches, it's going to save you a lot of time and stress and money, and you'll see the results in your business pretty quickly."

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Business Type:



Food & Beverage

"DEAR is netting us 100 to 150 hours of time savings, monthly. It's allowed us to become much more efficient."

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Business Type:



Outdoor & Sporting Goods

"Having one piece of software as your source of truth is pretty amazing. Thanks to DEAR, if you’re looking for the right information, you always know where to find it – and that’s saved us a whole pile of time"

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Business Type:



Workwear, Health & Safety Gear

I can be at home, or on holiday, and I can always log on to DEAR and see what's going on. I can check my sales for the day without having to do fancy reports, the dashboard gives it to me as I need it

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Business Type:



Lighting & Decor

DEAR’s Shopify integration is saving tons of time, now we no longer need to manually upload each individual product up to the website.

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