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Integrate DEAR Inventory with Zapier for workflow automation

Zapier allows you to build more powerful automated workflows to streamline your operations and get more more done wtih fewer actions.

Workflow automation that is truly next level

On Zapier, with just a few clicks, you can perform multi-step processes that integrates DEAR with some of the most common apps you use regularly to save precious time – all without having to deal with a single line of code.


10+ Zapier Templates

Easy Workflow Automation

Streamline Operations

Works on All Your Favourite Devices

10+ Zapier templates

DEAR currently provides 10+ Zapier templates that offer ready made integrations for easy workflow automation – and the list is growing every day.

Add DEAR subscribers to MailChimp from a new DEAR sale

Easily connect DEAR with MailChimp and instantly add subscribers to your account every time you register a sale in DEAR. Keep your subscriber base updated and synced with DEAR.

Create DEAR Customer for New Subscriber on MailChimp

Generate a new customer in DEAR whenever you get a new subscriber in MailChimp. Helpful for customer registrations and similar applications.

Create a MailChimp subscriber for fulfilled DEAR order

Create targeted campaigns by creating MailChimp subscribers every time a DEAR order is fulfilled. Tailor your messaging to your closed leads or track them separately.

Create MailChimp subscriber for paid DEAR invoice

Automatically create a subscriber in MailChimp every time a DEAR invoice is paid. Helpful for creating targeted lists with paying customers or to otherwise organize your subscribers.

Create a new customer in DEAR for new Salesforce contact

Keep DEAR and Salesforce synced by creating a new customer in DEAR automatically every time you get a new Salesforce contact. Keep your customer information updated across both platforms.

Create new Salesforce contact for new customer in DEAR

Sync DEAR with Salesforce and create a new contact in Salesforce after you get one in DEAR. Keep your customer databases accurate in your CRM and inventory management software.

Save new DEAR invoice to Slack channel

Save any new DEAR invoices to a Slack channel for convenient payment access. Connect DEAR with this popular collaboration platform.

Save new DEAR order to Slack channel

Save any new DEAR orders to your Slack channel for greater productivity and collaboration. Eliminate the need to manually copy your orders to Slack.

Save new DEAR attachment to Google Drive

Save any new DEAR sale attachments to your Google Drive so your team can access them in one central cloud location. Leverage the power of Google Drive and DEAR inventory software.

Send SMS on invoice authorization

Keep important parties notified by sending a SMS text message upon invoice authorization. Keep your payment process moving smoothly through real-time notifications.

We Integrate With

Companies build their own workflows on their favorite solutions on the market which integrated with DEAR

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Food Manufacturing

The first year we used DEAR, we concentrated on sales growth and saw an 18% increase in our top-line revenue because of the extra insight it gave us.

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French-Style Wine Producer

"DEAR enabled us to scale more efficiently. We have been able to automate a number of key processes,

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Electro-Mechanical Hardware

DEAR certainly helped with the professionalism of the software.

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Marine Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

We run outstanding orders reports daily to confirm our daily dispatch.

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