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Planned weekend update: 31st JULY 2022

20 Jul, 2022 | Pre Release notification

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Watch out for updates in the following areas over the weekend:

  • Pull Shopify sale order tags into DEAR and map with Additional Attribute set
  • Allow download of duplicate SKUs from Shopify
  • Export error list when importing CSV files
  • Use HubSpot analytics tracking on DEAR B2B portal
  • Add sales status to the Sale Order List – Fulfillment View
  • Add attachments to Stock Transfers and Stock Adjustments
  • RMA improvements:
    • Dynamic calculation for RMA credit notes and credit note allocations
    • Automated notifications for RMA actions
    • RMA resolution ‘Replacement’ replaced with two new options: Warranty Replacement and New Sale Replacement
    • (Fix) Products repaired and returned to client retains same warranty #
  • Enable/disable sync of orders and income from DEAR to Xero for sales channels
  • Shipstation as a shipping service – sync frequency change from 1h to 15 min
  • Import up to 5000 product lines at once via CSV

Full Release Notes for this release will be available on 31st July 2022. Please do not hesitate to contact DEAR support (support@dearsystems.com or WhatsApp) if you notice any errors or changes in functionality over the weekend due to the latest release.

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