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Planned weekend update: 14th AUGUST 2022

11 Aug, 2022 | Pre Release notification

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Watch out for updates in the following areas over the weekend:

  • RMA improvements:
    • Add notes and attachments to return orders and RMA orders
    • (Fix) Products repaired and returned to client retains same warranty #
  • Maintain original Stock Received Date when transferring stock between locations
  • Create purchase order directly from sale order for entire sale when some products are out of stock
  • Loading time improvements for MRP run calculations
  • Advanced manufacturing module improvements:
    • Edit “Required by date” when amending production orders
    • Allow creation of transactions for Production process in the past
  • MES application improvements:
    • ‘Tomorrow’ tab displays orders for next working day taking into account weekends
    • Remember last opened tab

Full Release Notes for this release will be available on 14th August 2022. Please do not hesitate to contact DEAR support (support@dearsystems.com or WhatsApp) if you notice any errors or changes in functionality over the weekend due to the latest release.

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