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Friday 4th & 6th November 2020 | 10:00AM AEST

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Planned weekend update: 12-07-2020

09 Jul, 2020 | Pre Release notification

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Watch out for updates in the following areas over the weekend:

  • Automated workflows can be created for purchase processes.
  • Create tasks for users during workflow automation for sales and purchase processes.
  • Attach an image to an automated email via direct link.
  • Sign in to DEAR account with Google.
  • Access for support personnel to login to client system with authorisation.
  • Production Module improvements: Allocate non-integer numbers of resources, Production orders can be consolidated when in planned status.
  • ShipStation: Option to leave “Ship to Company” blank on shipping label.
  • DEAR POS: Users can return items via DEAR POS system when products were sold on other sales channels (e.g. Shopify).
  • DEAR POS: Add attachments and images to sale order.


Full release notes for the 21/07/2020 release will be available over the weekend. Please do not hesitate to contact DEAR support (support@dearsystems.com or WhatsApp) if you notice any errors or changes in functionality due to the latest release.

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