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Pinch is a PCI Compliant, Australian payments platform offering automated Bank Account Direct Debit and Credit Card payments for standard and repeating invoices in your online accounting platform.

Pinch provides an easy and automated way to accept bank and card payments directly from DEAR Invoices that syncs back to DEAR and Xero, allowing automatic reconciliation.


Bank Account Payments

Card Account Payments

On-Charge Transaction Fees

Breakdown existing Invoices

Automatic Debits

Auto-reconciliation in Xero

On-charge transaction fees to your customers

You can choose to pass Pinch’s transaction fees onto your customers and we’ll add it to their Invoice total automatically at the time of payment.

  • Pinch adds the processing fee on to the Invoice total at time of payment.
  • Customers are informed that processing fees apply to their payments.
  • Pinch retains the surcharged fee and settles you the original Invoice total.

Breakdown existing DEAR Invoices into payment plans

Pinch facilitates breaking down a customer’s existing DEAR Invoice into a manageable payment plan with automatic debits.

  • Create a customised Payment Plan in Pinch with a combination of fixed and recurring payments.
  • Choose an existing DEAR Invoice payment in Pinch to breakdown using your Payment Plan.
  • Pinch will add successful payments to the existing DEAR Invoice until it is finished being paid.

Automatically debit future invoices on the due date

Send your customers Pre-Approval requests from Pinch to authorise future Invoices from DEAR to be automatically debited on the due date.

  • Once a Payer has given Pre-Approval for automatic debits, their Pre-Approval status in Pinch is Active.
  • Future Invoices for Payers with an Active Pre-Approval in Pinch will be debited automatically on the due date.
  • If the Payer with an Active Pre-Approval tries to pay a scheduled Invoice, they will be reminded that it will be debited automatically.

One-click reconciliation in Xero

Pinch tracks your payments, fees, and settlements in Xero automatically, allowing you to reconcile settlements from your bank statement in one click.

  • Pinch will automatically mark Invoices as Paid in DEAR which will push through to Xero.
  • Invoice payments, transaction fees, and settlements from Pinch are tracked in a Clearing Account in Xero.
  • Pinch applies settlements to your bank account in Xero automatically allowing you to reconcile settlements in one click.

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