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New Release 31/07/2013 – Shopify Integration, Product families, Finished goods, Manual journals

31 Jul, 2013 | eCommerce, Inventory, Production, Release Notes, Uncategorized

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Shopify Integration

Connect Shopify store to your DEAR Inventory account. Download products from Shopify into your DEAR Inventory. DEAR Inventory acts as a master inventory that tracks orders, adjusts product levels, and updates the inventory within all of your storefronts.

Product families

Create and maintain product families, auto-generate SKUs for variations, buy and sell using product families for similar products applying bulk select/update operations.

Instant product availability report and buy/sell history

Check product availability while your customer on the phone, see when the product has been ordered or allocated for sale. Tell your customer or supplier what and when item has been purchased.

Issue to production and finished goods module

Additional enhancement to our job costing module. Track direct materials, labour, subcontract costs, equipment, other direct costs and overhead at their actual values for every job.

Manual journals

Add manual journals for buys and sells if you need to adjust landing cost or cost of goods sold due to freight, warehouse fees, subcontract costs, adjustments etc.

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