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New Release 28-FEB-2019

28 Feb, 2019 | Release Notes

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New Improvements to DEAR

Enhanced Security

We take data protection very seriously and have applied additional layers of security to ensure that your data is always protected.

  • User profile.The user profile page allows users to view a summary of all accounts that they can access. Here they are also able to change their default name that is displayed in internal chat which is seeing by others, set up 2-step authentication and view user login history which shows the 10 most recent login actions.
  • Two-step verification.Two-step verification is one of the key security features added in this release. Once the two-step verification is enabled, every login to a different organisation under this user account will need to be verified via Google Authenticator app.
  • Periodic Password Change.Keep your account safe by keeping your password updated at regular intervals. The updated password parameters will help you build a strong password and keep your account secure.

Click here to read more about the enhanced security features.


  • Click & Collect.There is now an option to search orders in DEAR POS which were placed on another sales channel ( for example online ). This functionality allows your customers to pick their goods up directly from your physical store location or a centralized pick up point.Click here to read more about click & collect functionality.
  • Change calculation in DEAR POS. The app now tells you how much change is required to be issued to the customer when payments are madevia cash option.Click here to read more about “Change Calculation Module”
  • Allowing cash returns even if original payment method was Non-Cash.If initial payment was done via a non cash method, refunds can now be easily be issued via cash method option ( e.g. payment made by credit card and refund issued by cash).Click here to read more about cash returns.
  • POS Sale Sync indicator. Currently all offline DEAR POS transactions are queued and not processed until internet connection is established again. If any offline transactions have not synced over to DEAR Inventory for longer than a minute, a system notification will be generated to notify users of any issues and how to rectify them.Click here to read more about POS sale Sync Indicator.
  • Managing Reasons for Cash In/Out and Petty Cash In/Out in DEAR POS.You can now setup custom reasons for DEAR POS users to indicate when they are adding or removing cash from the register.Click here to read more about Managing Cash Reasons.

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