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New Release – 27th JUNE 2021

27 Jun, 2021 | Release Notes

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New Feature

Feature 1: Consolidated Shipment in Sale process

Impact area: Sales module

Introduction: Previously to this release, DEAR did not have the capability to consolidate several packages of a sale order into one shipment, instead generating shipping labels separately for each package. This caused elevated costs when sending shipment information to shipping services.

In this release, multiple packages can be consolidated into a single shipment.

Pre-conditions: None

Functionality: See more information for detailed instructions.

Feature 2: Scheduler improvements

Impact area: Production module

Introduction: The DEAR Production Scheduler visualises Production Order information, providing transparency for the production process so that the user always knows what should be produced and when it should be completed. One of the core abilities of the Scheduler is to reschedule Production Orders, Production Runs and operations. The scheduler helps to assess how long the order should take, determine the resources loading, and plan in which sequence the operations should be completed.

With this release, production operations in a run are automatically rescheduled to reflect when a run or operation is started early, started late, completed early, when the quantity to produce has been changed, and when Actual time for production is changed manually.

NOTE: Re-scheduling only affects operations in the affected production run. It does not affect any other production runs, production orders or nested orders.

Additionally, a new setting has been added to group nested orders with the parent order. Dependencies for nested order from the parent order are now shown. An indicator for the current date has also been added to the scheduler.

Pre-conditions: None

More information:


Feature 3: B2B Portal Min. Quantity to Order now accepts decimal values and values less than 1.

Impact area: B2B Portal

Introduction: The Catalog page of DEAR B2B integration allows you to set a minimum order quantity when you list a product. Minimum order quantity can be a decimal value or less than one.

Pre-conditions: Active B2B integration


  • From the DEAR web portal, go to Integrations → B2B Portal → [select portal] and go to the Catalog tab.
  • Search or filter for the products to list with a minimum order quantity. Enter a number in the Minimum to Order field, and click List. Unlisted items will be listed with the minimum order quantity.
  • To change the minimum to order quantity for a product, unlist the item, change the Minimum to order value, then List it again.

More information:

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