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New Release – 23rd JUNE 2019

23 Jun, 2019 | Release Notes

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New improvements to DEAR


Inventory-Related Improvements


There are three new inventory-related improvements in DEAR in this new release:


  • DEAR now allows changing your product SKUs in bulk through the Import/Export facility on the Products page. This makes the update process faster since customers don’t have to look for individual products and update their SKUs one by one when required.
  • Regardless of availability, DEAR now displays the next available date for products on the Product Availability page. With this feature, customers can decide whether to backorder the product or opt for an alternative if a product is not available soon enough.
  • DEAR now sends notifications to responsible users when a stocktake is started and completed, and when the corresponding stock adjustment process is completed. This means that users will be kept informed of the progress of stocktakes and stock adjustments. Note that you must have an active subscription to the Automation module to use notifications in DEAR.


Integration-Related Improvements


The other new features are related to integrations with third-party systems, specifically Shopify and QuickBooks.

  • For customers that have enabled Shopify integration, DEAR now automatically synchronises credit notes and refunds once shipping and invoices have been authorised. This is true for customers utilising either No Consolidation or Daily Consolidation mode.
  • For customers that have enabled QuickBooks integration, there is now a Load Historical Data function which allows loading of historical changes/documents/transactions from QuickBooks to DEAR, starting from a specified custom date which must not be more than 30 days before the current date. This is useful if there’s a need to overwrite data from QuickBooks that have been previously synchronised with DEAR.

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