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New Release – 19th SEPTEMBER 2021

FEATURES: Calculate smart reordering quantity by lead and safety stock values, production module improvements and more!

Feature 1: Calculate smart reordering quantity by lead and safety stock values

Impact area:

Reports module, Inventory module


Previously to this release, DEAR smart reordering feature used Minimum to Reorder and Reorder quantities to calculate replacement stock quantities. With this release, a new option has been added to also allow calculation using lead and safety stock values. Users can toggle the two options from the Inventory Velocity report. No other



No other functions of the report have been changed.

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Feature 2: Production module improvements

Impact area:

Production module, Reports module


DEAR is continuing to improve the Production module functionality and add features.

Co-manufacturing operation can be completed independently of invoice authorisation
The co-manufacturing operation can be completed when the stock is received, independently of invoice authorisation. Costs will be 0 until the invoice is authorised. Once the invoice has been authorised, the cost for the finished product will be updated. In the finished product has already been sold, COGS for the finished product will be updated ​with the calculated production costs.

Filter production reports by BOM version
BOM Version has been added as a filter field to the following reports:

Search Scheduler by tags
Scheduler can now also be searched by production order tags.

Sort production document components for printing
A new setting, Production documents, has been added to Production process customisation settings (Settings → General Settings). Components can be sorted when printing production documents according to screen order, alphabetically by name, or alphabetically by SKU.

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