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New Release – 19th May 2019

19 May, 2019 | Release Notes

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Smart Reordering

The Smart Reordering feature has been improved further by allowing reorder suggestions even if velocity is zero. More specifically, DEAR will suggest reordering a product when the Available quantity + On Order quantity < 0.

Advanced Purchase

Moreover, DEAR now allows receiving multiple orders per day for a given Purchase Order using an Advanced Purchase. Currently, there is no way to receive multiple stocks per day for a given Purchase Order, and DEAR only allows one receiving event for a given date using an Advanced Purchase. This limitation has been eliminated with this modification.

Stock Transfer

In terms of stock transfer, DEAR now allows the transfer of stock that is allocated by sales or other processes, e.g. Assembly and Job, so long as the stock has not been picked yet

DEAR Integrations


For customers that have integrated DEAR with Vend, the Inventory Discrepancy account from the DEAR account mapping is now used as the expense account when importing stocktake/stock adjustment data from Vend. If the Inventory Discrepancy account is not provided, the COGS account is used as the expense account instead.


Customers that have integrated Xero with DEAR can now consolidate and group sales by channel. For example, customers that use Amazon will have one consolidated sale for their Amazon sales for the day, with one currency and a tax-inclusive/exclusive option. They can then export this to Xero. However, payments are not imported from consolidated invoices. Customers will still need to manually process payments in DEAR.


There are several new improvements in DEAR POS due to customer demand. These include the following:

When setting up Quick Keys, brands, categories and tags can now be grouped together using either an AND or OR operator.

For purchases, products with serial numbers are now allowed to be scanned, bringing the number of scanning options to four.

Standalone refunds are now allowed for credit card transactions. Note that even if a card payment provider is configured for a POS register, it will process refunds as if payment setup is set to Card payment not integrated. This is because refunds are not processed through the register’s integrated payment system, for example, Tyro.

Better performance during system startup is anticipated since there is no longer need to reload data if the PIN of the logged-in user ID is equal to the previously saved user ID.

Better usability is anticipated since the logged-on user name, if available, will be displayed on the POS register. If the user name is not available, the email address will be shown instead.

Code 128 barcodes are now supported. For products with barcodes set up in DEAR Inventory, product labels can be printed directly on the POS Register’s Products page.

Referral Credit Program

For new DEAR customers, moving forward, a new Referral Credit program is now available. This new program will give new customers a fixed 10% discount based on the amount of the subscription availed of by the customers they refer to DEAR. This supersedes the old referral credit program, which will be grandfathered for all customers that are already on the program.


The DEAR Audit Report now logs all activities, including configuration changes. Moreover, old and new values are now reflected in the report as well. The System Activity Report still logs all changes in configuration settings, but with time, all logging in DEAR will be made available via the DEAR Audit Report.

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