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New Release 18/08/2015 – Dual Xero sync, Shipstation, Stripe, Reporting improvements and more

18 Aug, 2015 | Release Notes

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Release Notes 18/08/2015

Latest DEAR Inventory release includes Xero integration enhancements, Shipstation, Capsule and Stripe updates.


Dual Xero integration has been completed, previously you were able to raise bills and invoices in DEAR only and subsequently sync this data to Xero, now you are able to also import bills and invoices from Xero to DEAR, whether on a historical or ongoing basis. This enhancement will introduce unprecedented flexibility in how you use DEAR and open potential integration opportunities with other add on services already integrated to your Xero account.

Integration>Xero module now contains additional settings which allow you to configure how you will use the integration.

  • Show journals on cash basis reports – will control whether journals created by DEAR in Xero will show up on the relevant cash reports
  • Load Items from Xero – this setting will allow importing of Items from Xero
  • Load invoices from Xero – this setting will import all invoices and bills created in Xero after the setting is enabled.

Please note that all customers, suppliers, items and payments will be imported from Xero with the purchase and sales tasks.

If you would like to import historical data into DEAR from Xero you will need to navigate to the sync screen in the bottom right corner (or Sync History in the Xero integration page) of your screen and use Load historical transactions option.

New Product status – “Setup required”  has been added which is used to prevent Xero import of documents before product setup/configuration is finished in DEAR. You may find that if a product in DEAR is not set up correctly, the sales and purchase invoices which include this product will not import by default. You will need to either complete the product setup in DEAR or export CSV Inventory List template and complete relevant setup and change the product status to “Active”, then try to import purchase and sale documents from Xero again.

Shipstation enhancement

We are excited to announce that the next stage of our Shipstation integration is now available, previously DEAR would send order information to Shipstation to allow you to estimate the cost of shipping as well as print labels etc Now DEAR also imports sales managed in Shipstation. If you use Shipstation as an order aggregator for your ecommerce sales channels or fulfilment, DEAR can be used as a central order and inventory management system which seamlessly syncs all your accounting/sales info to Xero or QBO.

Capsule and Stripe

We are pleased to announce that we have now removed the Beta tags from Capsule and Stripe integrations.


New “Sales” data header has been added to sales report to show the Invoice amount net of tax. The following reports are affected:

  • Sales Credit Notes By Product
  • Sales Customer Order by Product
  • Sale order Details,Sale Overview
  • Sales By Product Details


Added ServiceDescription mail merge field to sale report additional charges tables

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