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New Release 15-Oct-2016 – DEAR B2B portal

15 Oct, 2016 | eCommerce, Release Notes, Sale, Top 10

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Latest DEAR Inventory release includes new B2B portal as well as number of enhancements of existing functionality.

DEAR B2B portal

We are pleased to announce a Beta release of DEAR B2B portal for wholesale and retail customers. The portal will help streamline the way your customers can browse your products, request quotes and place orders.

We will continue to introduce further functionality over the following months however the initial release will allow you to do the following:

·        Invite retail and wholesale customers to join your own branded B2B portal with unique domain name.

·        Allow customers to place orders, view order history, check order status and reorder from previous orders 24/7.

·        Orders completed by customer are automatically created in DEAR as Authorised Quote, Authorised Order or Authorised Invoice.

·        Quick Order functionality is available for customers via CSV template upload.

·        Bulk Order feature allows for colour/size matrix or list view to be used when selecting products.

·        Publish individual products and variants (product families) to B2B.

·        Set price tiers and discounts for your products and assign to your customers for a tailored experience.

Future releases scheduled over the following months will include payment gateway integrations, robust pricing and discount features to allow you to provide custom pricing for your clients.

You can access the portal in Integration> B2B Portal. You can watch this video tutorial and read a detailed guide here.

We look forward to you using the portal and providing valuable feedback on how we can improve the functionality in future releases.

Other features released

Upload Bins via CSV

Bins can now be uploaded via CSV template to help you save time on data entry. Bins can be Updated and Created via CSV import. Please note that maintaining more than 2,000 bins will result in significant performance degradation and we are currently working to enhance this process.

Product search filtered by supplier

General settings now contain an option to limit the product search in Purchase Orders based on selected supplier only. This should help prevent incorrect products being ordered from supplier.

Edit Invoices without Undo

It is now possible to edit certain information on an Authorised Invoice in both Purchase and Sale modules. Only information which does not relate to transactions can be amended, this includes customer/supplier information, shipping address etc


DEAR will now provide notifications in the top right corner of your screen relating to a variety of issues such as incomplete setup of products, integrated sale channels as well as open orders and other information. We will continue to add further notifications in future releases.

As always thank you for your valuable feedback and contributions to the current release and please keep the suggestions coming.

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