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New Release – 14th FEBRUARY 2021

14 Feb, 2021 | Release Notes

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New Feature

Feature 1: Shopify – Load fulfilment information from Shopify to DEAR

Impact area: Shopify integration

Introduction: Previously to this release, the DEAR Shopify Integration was not able to import all Shopify fulfilment information to DEAR. With this update, all available fulfilment information including pick location, shipment address, date, packing info, tracking number and carrier for every item in the order can be imported to DEAR and used to auto-fill the pick, pack, and ship tabs of a sale.


  • In Shopify: Multi-location feature is enabled.
  • In Shopify: Multiple locations have been created and Shopify products have been assigned to multiple locations.
  • In Shopify: Shipment profiles are configured including –
    • Geographical zones
    • Delivery rates
    • Default package sizes
    • Product weights
  • In DEAR: Map Shopify locations to DEAR locations.


  • In DEAR, navigate to Integration → Shopify → Setup → General Settings and set Pick, pack, and ship processing mode for online sales setting to Load data from Shopify.
  • NOTE: This option will download fulfilment information to DEAR from Shopify but DEAR will NOT update fulfilment details and statuses in Shopify.
  • When an order is fulfilled in Shopify, Pick, Pack, and Ship are filled in and authorised automatically in DEAR and stock levels in DEAR are updated.
  • If there is not sufficient stock in DEAR to execute the pick, the responsible person will be notified by email.
  • Deleting a fulfilment in Shopify voids the fulfilment in DEAR.

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Feature 2: Shopify – Restock a returned product at another location

Impact area: Shopify integration

Introduction: Since Shopify implemented a multi-location feature for its store front-ends, customers can sell from multiple locations and restock to multiple locations. Previously, returning Shopify sales to a different restock location required DEAR users to perform a manual stock transfer. With this release, DEAR captures the restock location from Shopify and generates an authorised stock transfer to the restock location to maintain correct stock levels.


  • In Shopify: Multi-location feature is enabled.
  • In Shopify: Multiple locations have been created and Shopify products have been assigned to multiple locations.
  • In DEAR: DEAR locations and Shopify locations must be correctly mapped for auto-restocking.


  • When processing a refund in Shopify, the user is given the option to Restock item at: [Location]. When such a refund is captured and processed by DEAR, DEAR will generate an authorised transfer order from the sale location to the restock location to ensure correct stock levels are maintained.

More information:

Feature 3: WMS – Multiple pickers per order now supported

Impact area: DEAR WMS

Introduction: Previously, two WMS users could not perform picking for the same order simultaneously. For some of our users, products need to be picked from different pick zones by different users based on product availability and business needs. In this release, DEAR has removed this limitation and allowed a user to enforce a single picker per order or allow multiple picking.

Pre-condition: None


  • A new setting is available in DEAR WMS setup, Enforce single picker per sale, which is enabled by default.
    • When enabled, only one picker can be assigned to a sale (see below). Once a picker starts picking a sale, no other pickers can pick the same sale. The first picker can partially pick a sale, then complete, so a second picker can continue.
    • When disabled, multiple pickers can be assigned to a sale (see below). Multiple pickers can pick the same sale simultaneously.
  • On the sale screen, the picker drop down is now a multi-selection field.
  • Warehouse Details Report has been modified to correctly reflect multiple pickers for an order.

More information:

Feature 4: B2B – Vertical navigation improvements

Impact area: DEAR B2B integration

Introduction: DEAR development team have enhanced navigation options for the B2B Portal. Previously, vertical navigation could show Brands, Categories, Product Tags, or be disabled altogether. With this release, vertical navigation can enable or disable Brands, Categories, AND product tags, including sub-menu items for each.

Pre-condition: Active B2B Integration.


  • Navigate to Integrations → DEAR B2B → [choose portal] → Navigation and scroll to Vertical Navigation to make changes.

More information:

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