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New Release 12-Jan-2016 – Square integration, Enhanced eBay integration, Gift card functionality for Shopify, Purchase order consolidation

12 Jan, 2016 | Release Notes

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Release Notes 12 /01/2016 

Latest DEAR Inventory release includes new eBay and Square integrations as well as number of enhancements of existing functionality.

Square integration

The new integration with Square will help users streamline backend operations across online and offline sales channels. DEAR will act as a master of all inventory and will automatically update inventory quantities across your point of sale system and online store.

Square is a complete point of sale system and online shopping cart for business of all types and sizes and will allow you to process sales and collect payments even on your mobile device.

Enhanced eBay integration

The old integration was enhanced and now supports product variants, refunds, returns, payments and product re-listing. You are also able to connect multiple eBay stores to DEAR simultaneously and maintain separate settings, catalogues and logs.

Gift card tax rule mapping for Shopify

Shopify setup page now has a separate tax mapping option to allow for correct tax treatment of gift card transactions imported from Shopify. As always please ensure to have the correct tax rules setup in DEAR settings before selecting the right option in the mapping table.

Purchase order consolidation

You are now able to consolidate multiple Purchase Orders into a single order as part of the Bulk Actions feature in Purchase module. This option may be useful in cases where the vendor issues a single invoice for multiple Purchase Orders which can now be merged with a few clicks.

Optional Revenue Account

It is now possible to select a Revenue Account to track eCommerce sales. This setting will override default account mapping for revenue account.

Vend integration enhancement – purchases, stocktakes/adjustments import

We have continued to enhance the integration with Vend and now support import of stocktakes/adjustments as well as purchases from Vend. This enhancement will add further flexibility to the integration as it eliminates the need to use multiple systems to carry out backend operations. Now Vend can be used exclusively in the stores and DEAR will pick up this information to affect inventory quantities.

Purchase API enhancement

Get List and Get task options are available for Purchase Tasks.


Ship By date added to outstanding quotes report.


Purchase invoice total entry field will not be validated to match document total if left as 0 or invoice is not being authorised.

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