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New Release – 11th APRIL 2021

11 Apr, 2021 | Release Notes

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New Feature

Feature 1: Track cost and duration of production downtime

Impact area: Production module

Introduction: Production downtime report measures the duration and cost of downtime for a production resource, operation, and work center. Both planned and unplanned downtime are measured, and cost is calculated based on the cost per unit of time and total downtime.

Downtime is tracked from the start of an operation until the operation is completed. Downtime sums all of the snippets when operation was suspended during operational hours. Downtime considers only working hours.

Cost of planned and unplanned downtime can now be specified for a production resource.


  • Set up resource production and downtime costs
  • Set up suspend reasons


  • Access report by going to Reports → Production → Production Downtime Report

More information:

Feature 2: Xero Synchronization Report

Impact area: Reports module

Introduction: During synchronization with Xero, items could be imported to Xero but ultimately have status skipped, pending, or failed. This will cause an information discrepancy between DEAR and Xero. This new report allows the user to see discrepancies where data in DEAR has not been imported to Xero.

NOTE: Payments for consolidated invoices cannot be imported to DEAR. You will need to manually apply a payment in DEAR to the imported consolidated invoice.


  • Active Xero Integraion
  • Financial Reporting permission


  • Access report by going to Reports → Financials → Xero Synchronization Reports
  • The report contains the following data types with Failed, Pending, Skipped, or Completed status:
    • Attachments
    • Contacts
    • Credit notes
    • Customer credits
    • Invoices
    • Payments (payments and refunds)
    • Supplier deposit
    • Manual journals
    • Money tasks
    • ProductsAccess report

More information:

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