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New Release 11-Mar-2018, Gift Cards Support, Shipping Zones, Shippit Integration & more !

11 Mar, 2018 | Release Notes

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New Improvements to DEAR



What’s new?


  • Stock Transfer function has been improved to support stock ” In Transit ” scenarios. New fields “Stock Sent Date”, “In Transit Account” & Stock Received Date” have been added to the stock transfer function. Further in addition to this, new mail merge fields have been added to StockTransfer mail merge table: DateSent, DateReceived, InTransitAccount.
  • New mail merge fields added in Purchase/Sale mail merge table: TotalOrderDiscount, TotalQuoteDiscount, TotalInvoiceDiscount.
  • Product Management Enhancement – If a product is linked to an external sales channel e.g. Magento & Woocommerce, you can now view descriptions of this product in DEAR that are displayed in either of these channels.
  • Gift Cards are now supported in POS and B2B.
  • Shipping Zones have been updated to introduce special shipping zones that forbid shipment to a specified destination.
  • Integration with Shippit and Shipstation enhanced which allows DEAR to get shipping rate estimates (in-app and B2B).
  • An option has been added to B2B portal settings to set Minimum Order Amounts.

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