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New Release 06/07/2015 – Prepayments for Purchases and Sales , Shopify and Bigcommerce enhancements, Xero sync improvements

06 Jul, 2015 | Release Notes

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Release Notes 06.07.2015

DEAR Inventory release carried out on the weekend is the first in a series of Xero enhancements planned for 2015.

Prepayments for Purchases and Sales

Prepayments recorded against Purchase and Sale Orders In DEAR are now imported and matched to invoices in Xero. Prepayments/Overpayments created in Xero are now also imported and matched to invoices in DEAR. Please keep in mind that the relevant Push/Pull Payment option in Integration>Xero setup page still determines whether prepayments and overpayments are pushed to or pulled from Xero. Due to a Xero limitation the prepayments must be in base currency only.

Xero contacts sync improvement

Export/import of all contact persons and addresses is now supported from Xero.


New Shopify Setup setting has been added to indicate if backordering is allowed for products DEAR lists/updates to Shopify.


Bigcommerce fixes related to coupons, tax and payments have been fixed and released.

Expanded Pick table

The table now works via BOM and will show components even for preassembled finished goods. Also a new sale table ExpandedPickGroup has been added to wrap ExpandedPick table and show the kit name as a group name.

Inventory List export improvements

Two options are now available for export, with and without product descriptions. Users keeping extensive HTML code as descriptions can now easily export the inventory list by excluding the description field. If imported with blank descriptions, existing product descriptions will not be overwritten. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to get in touch and please keep the suggestions coming, these enhancements of DEAR would not be possible without your valuable contributions.

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