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New Release – 04th JULY 2021

04 Jul, 2021 | Release Notes

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New Feature

Feature 1: Additional attributes can be added to production process

Impact area: Production module

Introduction: Due to a large number of different requirements from system users, it is quite frequent that there will be a need to collect and store additional information that is stored in DEAR’s default fields. With this release, additional attribute sets can now be added to the production process, production orders, and attributes are displayed on production reports.

Pre-conditions: None


  • Production process settings are configured in Settings → General Settings → Production Process Customisation. You can select a Default Attribute Set here which will apply to production orders by default.
  • Edit the attribute set for a production order from the Logs and Attributes tab.
  • Production attributes can be added to the following reports:
    • Production Overdue
    • Production Required By Date Exceptions
    • Production Cost Analysis Report
    • Actual vs Planned Cycle Time
    • Production Finished Products Wastage Rate
    • Production Cost Breakdown
    • Production Shortage
    • Production Downtime

More information:

Feature 2: Consolidated Shipment in Sale process

Impact area: Sales module

Introduction: Previously to this release, DEAR did not have the capability to consolidate several packages of a sale order into one shipment, instead generating shipping labels separately for each package. This caused elevated costs when sending shipment information to shipping services.

In this release, multiple packages can be consolidated into a single shipment with one shipping label. This is only available for accounts with integrated shipping services Shippit and StarShipIT.

Users integrated with Shiptheory or Shipstation will see a UI change for entering shipping and package information, however generating a shipping label will return separate labels for each package.


Connect as shipping service integration

Functionality: Please see below for instructions.

More information:

Feature 3: LeafLink Integration

Impact area: New integration

Introduction: LeafLink wholesale cannabis marketplace is one of the largest networks of licensed cannabis businesses in operation. Connecting 6200+ retailers with 2300+ brands and distributors, LeafLink streamlines cannabis commerce in the entire supply chain. The platform allows participants to easily:

  • send and receive orders with e-commerce tools;
  • tap into a large network of compliant cannabis businesses;
  • track order statuses with easy-to-use dashboards;
  • streamline communication with messaging features;
  • and to optimize operations for Brands with:
    • e-commerce marketplace capabilities;
    • order management workflow;
    • CRM system;
    • reporting tools.

Integrating LeafLink with DEAR gives LeafLink retailers and distributors a powerful inventory management program, while existing DEAR users can expand their e-commerce reach by using LeafLink’s marketplace platform.

Since LeafLink is responsible for checking of proper licensing in business operations, this integration only supports one-way (LeafLink → DEAR) integration. Products can be listed and orders created at the LeafLink e-store side only.


  • As of now, LeafLink is available for operation in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico and Washington states.
  • LeafLink is only available in the United States.
  • Retailers must have a valid commercial license issued by one of these states in order to ship to customers.

More information:

Feature 4: Google Maps integration with WMS Delivery Schedule

Impact area: DEAR WMS

Introduction: Delivery drivers need to view delivery tasks assigned to them, mark deliveries as complete, and record confirmation of delivery for organisation records. Delivery tasks created either via DEAR POS or via the DEAR web portal will be passed to DEAR WMS. With this release, Google maps has been integrated with this feature to show delivery addresses and route on a map view.

Pre-conditions: WMS application


  • Map view is available from the Delivery Schedule section of WMS app.
  • Map view for scheduled deliveries is available by filtering delivery list by Status: In transit. Only deliveries In Transit and are displayed in the map view.
  • Press the Google Maps icon to open the map view.
  • Opening the map view will display a list of delivery addresses. Check/uncheck the box next to the address to include/exclude it from the map view.
  • Delivery pathway is calculated in order of planned delivery time. Final destination can be edited if necessary.

More information:

Feature 5: DEAR WMS stock transfers

Impact area: DEAR WMS

Introduction: Stock transfers in WMS can now be carried out grouping products by sending location, by destination location, or by order. Bins can be designated as staging bins to facilitate two-step transfers.


  • Download DEAR WMS app
  • Set up Locations and specify staging bins, if applicable

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