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DEAR Advanced Manufacturing Module Launches

02 Oct, 2021 | Company News

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According to the October 2021 eBook, “How product sellers adapted to change and sold more,” modern product sellers swear by robust software integrations as key to growing their operations.

DEAR Systems was founded in 2012 and every year since has released major feature expansions and can now claim to be a full cycle cloud ERP alternative that plays in the same league as high priced heavy hitters like ORACLE-Netsuite and SAP. Over the years, DEAR has refined and added native inventory management, sales and accounting modules. Typical manufacturing software vendors simply can’t cover the same broad scope of business needs.

Manufacturing, From Start to Finish

Now with the launch of the DEAR Advanced Manufacturing Module, DEAR has created a full cycle cloud ERP solution that can go up against similar solutions that cost in the thousands per month, for only $125/mo or $1,375/year. The DEAR Advanced Manufacturing Module is geared specifically to optimize assembly and production and allows each manufacturing job to automatically PO relevant suppliers with the parts it requires to complete build runs in a timely fashion. This automated process is significantly more efficient than starting with the number of finished products required and working backward to attempt to calculate how many of each component will be required.

The DEAR Advanced Manufacturing Module is designed to enable manufacturers to:

  • Implement demand-driven manufacturing. Only produce what you know you can sell.
  • Organize a smooth, real-time production process responsive to market changes.
  • Scale your business and easily manage the capacity of all your production resources including .
  • Enable complete supply chain management by providing visibility into components needed for production jobs and for individual sale.
  • Control and schedule each step of production.
  • Automate and visualize the planning and scheduling process and derive exact COGs calculations.
  • Deliver high-quality products, on time, with a higher operating margin and less wastage.

Setting up for Success

Production settings are easily configured when you first implement a job in the DEAR Advanced Manufacturing Module. Production settings set a solid foundation for your manufacturing process and can include every interconnected system seamlessly.

When: Factory Calendar

The calendar settings control all time requirements for production, from work hours to holidays to break times. It passes all its information to functions like the scheduler and capacity planner – ensuring, for example, that no work is planned on a weekend or holiday. Once you’ve entered your desired time parameters, the calendar tool handles the rest.

How: Logistics Path & Work Center

Your logistics path essentially connects your warehouse and retail functionality and defines the route for all components required to manufacture your goods. It details a path for tasks and locations from bins full of components to shop floors.

The work center settings enhance that setup by defining exact bins for a component pick and identifying a specific place of production or work center. Essentially, the work center helps you define the right production center for each component and add specificity to your identified logistics path.

What: Resources & Production BOM

Your resources settings help you define all the resources that are required in the production of goods. This includes people, raw components and machines. You can even fine tune settings to define capacity maximums or whether the resource is finite. Best of all, the hours you’ve already defined in your calendar can be automatically associated with your resources to define capacity. By adding associated costs for each resource and a dedicated expense account, you’ll enable analysis and assessment capabilities, too – for instance, the program can automatically calculate costs, allocate appropriate resources and calculate minimum cycle durations.

Next comes the all important Bill of Materials (BOM) for production. The BOM acts as a summary or recipe of how to produce your finished goods, including lists of components, resources, operations and quantities required, broken down into steps. The system then can determine the order of each operation within available cycle times and whether adequate resources are available.

Planning and Production

Identifying and configuring all these settings enables you to move smoothly into production itself, with the peace of mind that everything is set up in the most efficient way possible. All settings communicate relevant information to production processes and the software automatically ensures that your process is as optimized and cost-effective as possible.

The DEAR Advanced Manufacturing Module also includes several tools to completely support the actual production process including capacity planning and production scheduling.

Just like manufacturing should be in an ideal world, the DEAR Advanced Manufacturing Module is built to deliver high production output and ensure that you’re never behind schedule.

Request a consultation today to see the DEAR Advanced Manufacturing Module for yourself!

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