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DEAR has opened up boundless new opportunities for us.

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Sexy Socks Tracks, Orders, and Responds Wonderfully with New DEAR Inventory Management

South African’s own Sexy Socks is a social mission and a cool cause. Sexy Socks seeks to give all children in South Africa a warm pair of economical, stretchy, and, perhaps most importantly, awesome socks to wear to and from school. Sexy Socks has a colorful brand image and a lovely cause to rally with, but unfavorable inventory management was certain to hold them back. The small crew deployed DEAR inventory management to get their inventory in order.

“The transfer feature was a particular highlight. We send and receive stock regularly between locations.”

  • Multiple features related to real-time insights and day-to-day management have also come into play.
  • DEAR has streamlined things. “We can now see what we have, what’s on order, and what we need to order.”

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