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Switching to Cloud-Based Inventory and Order Management to Re-Ignite Growth

10 years ago, saw a bright future in LED lighting, which was gaining popularity in commercial buildings and residential properties throughout New Zealand.

To capitalize on this emerging trend, they created the first ecommerce website featuring a full range of LED lighting and accessories – including custom-designed lights for architects and designers.

At the time, they were fulfilling and tracking orders with software that wasn’t designed to perform the tasks they were using it for – leading to lost orders and long hours fixing mistakes.

They couldn’t afford an Enterprise-grade platform, so they searched for a suite of low-cost, cloud-based, purpose-built apps they could integrate into a flexible, custom system.

Inside this case study, you’ll discover:

  • The labor intensive process endured that one employee called a “nightmare” (and how you can avoid adopting this type of system).
  • The 3 business apps used to transform their error-prone system into a productivity-boosting solution (and why cloud-based apps are so essential for modern businesses).
  • The flexibility and functionality this new system offered (and the time-saving power of centralizing 90% of your work into a single platform)
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