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Last-minute holiday decoration ideas for retailers

15 Dec, 2022 | Business Tips

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It’s December once more, which means it’s time to deck the halls. Businesses go above and beyond to surpass themselves in decorating shops and windows. When it comes to helping customers get into the festive mood, traditional offline stores have a significant advantage over online retailers. Visual merchandising frequently acts as the customer’s first point of contact with a store. The way your displays look and feel can influence customers’ purchasing decisions.

If you haven’t yet had the chance to decorate your store or think you need some eleventh-hour suggestions, then worry not. Here are five quick and trendy ideas to get your retail store holiday ready.

Last-minute holiday decor ideas

1. Repurpose old decorations.

A creative way to add a little holiday spirit is to reuse the leftover decorations from one holiday for another. For example, repurpose your Fourth of July decorations for your Christmas tree. You can use small flags as ornaments and repurpose unused red, white, and blue ribbons to create bows for your tree. This not only gives your tree a distinctive look but also saves money on adornments.

Another idea is to strategically place last year’s less-than-perfect holiday ornaments on higher shelves or other places with the good side on display to give off a more festive appearance.

2. Put a holiday twist on your existing products.

What if you don’t sell holiday merchandise? Should you still participate in the festivities? Of course! Consider how you can give your products a festive twist before including them in your displays. To make a display that is appropriate for your store, combine your existing products with seasonal elements. For instance, if you sell groceries, you could make a Christmas tree out of items with red and green packaging.

You can also include other elements to create a winter wonderland vibe in your store. For example, a bookstore can stack books to replicate a snowman and reindeer.

In short, a little rearranging of merchandise can help you incorporate holiday joy into your retail displays. Although make sure you keep track of your inventory while rearranging your products so as not to get lost in the shuffle.

3. Weave familiar elements into your displays.

Tinsel, wreaths, strands of lights, and other decorations may make your displays look much more festive and establish you as a popular business during the holiday shopping season. Consider setting up small logs to mimic a fireplace, adding pine cones to your shelves or hanging cotton “snow” from the ceiling.

4. Be inclusive.

There are several significant holidays in December. Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Christmas are the main holidays in the United States. Set up displays and provide information and products for all of these festive occasions, so that all of your customers are welcome in your store.

5. Put up holiday signage.

Replace your regular signage with holiday-themed pieces. Putting a seasonal spin on current signs can tell your customers that you are ready to celebrate the holiday season with them. Add window paint or holiday stickers to your store windows as well as throughout the store.


Gear up for the holidays!

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Schedule a call with one of our specialists to find out more about what DEAR Systems can do for you.

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