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Integrate DEAR Inventory with Avalara for Modern Tax Compliance

Why use DEAR with Avalara?

DEAR inventory management software integrates with Avalara tax compliance software for businesses with a presence in the US and Canada (currently). With Avalara integration, you can convenient calculate sales taxes for each specific address within DEAR.

Get Tax Compliant with Avalara’s Tax Automation

By combining Avalara with DEAR, you can manage order processing, inventory and tax compliance in one central, streamlined, and convenient place within the DEAR platform.

Automated Tax Calculations

Integrated Doc Management

Change-Proof System

Compatible with Every Industry

All Features Included.

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Connect DEAR with Avalara in a matter of minutes using our simple step by step process. We save you time with our convenient online integration guide. Our support professionals are also available to assist you with setting up Avalara if you have any questions.


By combining the power of DEAR with Avalara you get access to the cutting edge when it comes to tax compliance and inventory management features. DEAR lets you track and manage every sale from start to finish, with powerful reporting, accounting integration and more.


By integrating DEAR with Avalara, you can ensure that all of your order and tax data is synced between the two. All the updates to sales in DEAR are updated in Avalara after synchronizing. Any new tax rules that were previously created in Avalara are created in DEAR.


Stay on top of rapidly changing tax laws with our Avalara integration – designed to keep your business moving forward quickly. This is especially important when you do business in multiple states, provinces or cities where tax laws can be complex.


Avalara is used by thousands of leading companies globally as their preferred tax compliance software. Avalara is frequently updated and designed to help your business turn tax complexity into simplicity. DEAR software does the same for your inventory management.


By combining DEAR with Avalara, you will build a powerful platform to grow your business in new regions. Your business will be ready to integrate the latest tax codes seamlessly for highly accurate calculations, while keeping your order processing and tracking simple.

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