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The Future of Ecommerce: Holistic Inventory Fulfillment Services

Holistic inventory fulfillment services are the future of eCommerce. Modern eCommerce inventory software allows you the ability to manage all of the moving parts of your business in one place, providing a vast range of benefits to help your business streamline and scale up.

#1 – One centralised location saves you time

Your team gains many advantages when the key solutions you use to manage your eCommerce business are integrated into one platform. Having one centralised location for your inventory software saves endless amounts of time.

With DEAR’s modern inventory management solution, you never have to jump from one platform to another to check stock level changes, view and generate sales reports, updating accounting or check order statuses. If you utilise a third-party fulfilment service such as Fulfilment by Amazon, ShipStationStarShipIT, Shippit, Shiptheory to ship your orders, you are able to connect this service to DEAR as an external inventory management location. DEAR will send sale order information to the external fulfilment service and has the ability to synchronise inventory quantities once orders are fulfilled and receive shipping info as well as tracking information from the fulfilment service. 

Once your relevant team members learn how to use DEAR, they immediately gain a robust, powerful central management tool that reclaim many hours each week that can be spent towards more profitable efforts.

#2 – Automation features further speed up your business

Far too many businesses still rely on manual inventory processes which can result in shipping delays, customer service issues and lower revenue than what the business should be earning.

Inventory fulfillment services can be largely automated with modern eCommerce software like DEAR; performing inventory steps manually such as order quantity updates, stock level changes and other updates takes far longer and results in delays and process inefficiencies.

Automation features can eliminate a range of manual tasks and allow your team members to manage their other priorities. For example, DEAR can automatically push stock level changes to multiple eCommerce stores, sync all your orders with accounting, print shipping labels, use shipping service for shipping rate quotes and more.

#3 – Holistic inventory fulfillment services improve your customer service

There are few things more damaging than negative reviews from your customers, especially as a result of preventable shipping delays. When you have to rely on multiple platforms to fulfil your eCommerce orders, time is often lost due to the complexity and challenges of using multiple solutions.

That lost time results in order and customer service delays which easily turn into frustrated customers. Your entire customer service experience will be improved when you implement a new solution for inventory fulfillment services like DEAR which connects the rest of the branches of your eCommerce business together.

#4 – Reduce human errors 

Human errors are a part of manual processes and they can be costly for eCommerce businesses. Data entry mistakes, wrong product quantities, incorrect shipment addresses and more can cause unnecessary delays, backorders and confusion in your business.

You can dramatically eliminate those errors by simplifying your business using modern eCommerce and inventory fulfilment cloud software. By automating your pick, pack and ship processes, quantity updates, and simplifying the rest of your inventory process, these and other errors will be greatly reduced and even potentially eliminated from your business.

#5 – Your business gains more data visibility  

With the right cloud ecommerce software your business gains far more data visibility for inventory fulfillment through real-time reporting. You can finally leverage the data you have accumulated to make smarter and more profitable business decisions.

DEAR allows you to view real-time sales reports showcasing your recent highest demand products, low performers, your top suppliers, your most profitable products and so many other actionable reports.

You can then utilise this data to find new product ideas for your business, improve your marketing, reduce backorders and make other key business decisions to help you grow.

Try holistic inventory fulfillment with DEAR’s latest cloud software

Holistic inventory fulfillment services are rapidly changing and improving the way that eCommerce is performed. But this approach requires a feature-rich inventory software solution which will enable you to manage your inventory and the rest of your eCommerce business in one central location.

DEAR is a modern solution for inventory fulfillment and every other key component of your eCommerce business (accounting, purchasing, sales, etc.) that can immediately make a dramatic improvement in your efficiency, automation, customer service, human errors, and actionable business analytics.

DEAR offers a full range of holistic inventory and eCommerce features including centralised management of your inventory across all sales channels, simplified purchasing with real-time insights, live order tracking, a range of inventory reports, integration with leading accounting apps, automation for a range of low level inventory processes, warehouse management software and so much more.

Try DEAR’s latest version of eCommerce inventory software to experience firsthand how holistic inventory fulfillment services can help your business grow. DEAR provides full suite of features that streamline, connect and automate your ecommerce business.

Get a risk-free trial of DEAR and step into the future of eCommerce with our powerful and comprehensive inventory fulfillment solution.

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