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Planned weekend update: 31ST JANUARY 2021

25 Jan, 2021 | Pre Release notification

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Watch out for updates in the following areas over the weekend:

  • RMA module – New module to manage Return Merchant Authorisations (RMAs) and automate returns processing workflows.
  • Production module improvements:
    • Set co-manufacturing procurement settings for each co-manufacturer as well as default.
    • Hide production financial information from users.
    • Add tags to production orders and use these to search production orders list.
    • Linked sale order and Comments columns added to production order list table.
    • More fields added to Product Specification document and Production Order Traveler documents.
    • Hard allocation of production run components.
  • New production module reports:
    • Actual vs Planned Cycle Time: This report allows users to compare planned cycle time with actual cycle time for all completed production operations, production runs and production orders.
    • Finished Product Wastage Rate: This report compares expected production quantities with actual production quantities, showing wastage amount and percentage.
    • Products used in Production BOM: This report lists a BOM’s components and resources, and view quantity required for production for each BOM version.
    • Production Cost Breakdown: This report shows detailed production costs breakdown including resource costs, material costs and manufacturing overheads.
    • Production Shortage: This report shows the quantity of components required for released and in progress production orders. Available and on order quantities of components are shown and compared to the required quantities, and displays possible shortages.
  • Production module added to Lot Recall report.
  • Product Family BOM:
    • Variations Mapping for product family BOM can now be imported and exported via CSV file.
    • Average Cost for product family BOM is now displayed with Total Min Cost and Total Max Cost, to reflect differences in cost of variation components.
  • Sale module improvements:
    • Credit note and restock tabs have been merged.
    • Related orders tab added to simple sale, add link to production orders created from sale order.
  • CRM module improvements
    • Opportunities can be dragged between swimlanes when in Kanban view.
    • Opportunities, tasks, and task lists can be exported, printed and email.
    • Opportunity, task and task list document templates can be customised.
    • New notifications added for opportunities, leads, and tasks.
  • DEAR POS has a new look.
  • Amazon integration:
    • Enhanced processing of Amazon settlements reports.
    • Process refunds and returns.
  • Integration with BigCommerce now supported.
  • eBay integration: Cancelled eBay orders can be refunded.
  • Account usage notifications for shared database users.
  • Small fixes and performance improvements.

Full Release Notes for this release will be available on 31st January 2021. Please do not hesitate to contact DEAR support (support@dearsystems.com or WhatsApp) if you notice any errors or changes in functionality over the weekend due to the latest release.

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