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Better logistics with DEAR Notifications Centre

The DEAR Notification Centre offers a comprehensive solution to deliver updates for customers and staff on orders, inventory, tasks, sales and more.

Keep Your Team In-The-Know

Customise a variety of real-time alerts in four areas of your business as needed – sales, purchases, inventory/stock, and B2B portal. Utilising automated alerts for your business can result in a far more efficient operation. The DEAR Notification Centre keeps your most important operational priorities taken care of with real-time alerts It ensures that every team member is operating on the same page and that logistics flow seamlessly.

Comprehensive Alerts

Get updates on your inventory, orders, marketing communications, tasks, quote approvals, order updates and more.

Sales Notifications

Sales teams can get quote approval alerts to respond to customers in a timely manner and for a faster sales process.

Authorization Alerts

Your relevant team members know when invoices or other documents need to be authorized for faster processing.

Accounting Notifications

Accounting staff can quickly initiate payment follow up procedures with alerts once invoices are authorized.

Task Notifications

Your team knows when new tasks are created, assigned and completed with task alerts for a better workflow.

Warehouse Alerts

Keep your warehouse team notified when orders are ready to pick to ensure a constantly moving operation.

Inventory Alerts

Your customers always want to know the status of their order – they are never left in the dark with constant updates.

Marketing Alerts

Sales teams can stay on top of their follow-up promotions with alerts when there are lapses between customer orders.

Keep Your Clients and Staff Updated

A fast moving business needs equally fast updates and constantly improving communications. The DEAR Notification Centre keeps your staff aware of what’s going on at all times. Our email alerts are also fully customisable and can be sent to specific team members or clients based on your parameters.

The Power of Connectivity

Utilising the DEAR Notification Centre can make a dramatically positive impact in your operation by connecting each department, expanding communications and improving your user experience.

All Features Included.

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