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DEAR Launches New Weight Based Pricing Feature for DEAR POS

We are proud to announce a new feature for our Point of Sale software! DEAR POS now supports weight-based product pricing with sales barcode reading. We’ve had a high demand for this feature and have been working hard to produce the most efficient and useful technologies for our customers.


In the past, our POS systems did not have the ability to read a barcode meant for weight-based products such as produce. We understand how limiting this can be for some businesses, and we took it upon ourselves to expand our reach and design the most efficient and intuitive weight-based product pricing on the market.


Now in our DEAR POS setup, you’ll find an “Advanced Barcode Type” option. You can then let your system know if the item in question is product-based, weight-based, or price-based. This system will make it much easier for you to keep track of all your inventory, no matter how it’s priced.


We recognize that different types of products will warrant different barcode types. That’s why we’ve customized our POS software to be able to recognize any barcode, even those with special formats and extra digits.


It’s easy to manually enter your barcodes by entering the value in the “Barcode” field on your product setup screen. For a weight-based barcode, you’ll be able to select the “weight based” option, then create an item and place the Per Unit price of your product, as well as the SKU. It’s as easy as that! When the product is scanned, the system will automatically validate the barcode and extract the SKU and weight/price based on your settings.


With this change, you’ll still experience everything you love about DEAR’s POS services. Our systems are just as versatile and intuitive as they’ve always been, and our staff is always available to answer any questions. You’ll have the new weight-based product pricing on unlimited outlets and registers, and you can use any platform you please.


We are proud to add this new weight-based pricing into our lineup of groundbreaking services in inventory management, accounting, B2B portal, manufacturing, and automation. This new feature of our POS system was designed with our customers in mind, and we hope it will help you take your business to heights you never thought possible.


For more information on our new weight-based product pricing, as well as all the other services we offer, contact us today!


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