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New Release – 9th JUNE 2019

09 Jun, 2019 | Release Notes

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New Improvements to DEAR

Purchase and Sales Modules

DEAR users now have the ability to reject unsuccessful quotes and purchase orders. Order Approval and Quote Approval can be enabled in the General Settings.

  • Authorised Sale Quotes and Purchase Orders will now display a Reject button.
  • Rejected Quotes/Purchase Orders are read-only.
  • There is a Review button on rejected quotes/purchase orders which reverts the quote/purchase order to Draft status, where it can be authorised again.
  • Sales/Purchase Lists can now be filtered by Rejected and All but Rejected and Voided.
  • Payments cannot be applied to Rejected Quotes/Purchase Orders.
  • Sale Outstanding Report, Sales Overview Report and Sale Order Details Report have been updated to support ‘rejected’ Sales.

Quotes/Purchase Orders older than a certain limit can now be archived and removed from the general sales/purchase lists. The Archive button is also displayed on unauthorised Quotes/Purchase Orders, clicking this will immediately archive the document. They can still be viewed by applying the Archived filter on the task lists page. Quote/Order archiving is enabled from the General settings in Purchase process customisation or Sales process customisation. Quotes/purchase orders with prepayments will not be archived by the system.

By default, the quantity for new quote and order lines is 0. The new setting parameter Default Quantity for new line (General Settings -> Sale process customisation) allows users to set this to any number.

Undo/Void buttons on all DEAR UI forms have been separated to avoid accidental misuse. Please note that the Undo/Void button for all pages is not available in Simple Sale.

Improvements to the Inventory Module

Product families can now be deleted/deprecated in bulk rather than deleting individual variants. Completion Date and Notes field have been added to the Disassembly process.

Reports and Scheduled Reporting

  • Many more report types are now available for Scheduled reporting.
  • Scheduled Reports now have a Name field to allow more than one configuration of the same report to be scheduled.
  • New Report Date filters (YTD, QTD, MTD, This Quarter, Last Quarter) are available for Reports.
  • The ‘All’ filter has been added to the Scheduled Reports List page.
  • The Date parameter has been added to the header on Report export.

DEAR templates

New mail merge fields have been added to further customise your document templates:

  • SKU for Service items/Additional Charges for Sale and Purchase documents
  • Dropship items (Yes/No) for Sale Order documents and tables.

Notifications in your notification panel will now show the notification date and a link to the relevant document.

Improvements to Integrations


  • Bug fix: Sale Invoice Account field can’t be edited after integrated with Avalara.
  • Improvement: Tax component added to Avalara Tax Lookup tax rule when generated in DEAR to prevent problems during export.
  • Improvement: New Tax Exemption Reason field added for Customers and Sales Tasks. When adding a new Shipping Address for a Customer, you can now include a Tax Exemption Reason code. This automatically populates a Tax Exemption Reason field in the document header of a sale task, which can be manually overridden.
  • Update Avalara CustomerCode value to utilise DEAR customer name instead of internal ID (GUID).
  • Point of Order Origin Address and Point of Order Acceptance Address fields removed from the Avalara settings page.
  • Item Code, Item Description and Avalara Tax Code exported to DEAR during Avalara transaction sync.


Magento integration now supports Magento 2.3.


New QBO Integration setting Use actual Shipment Date when available for Invoice sync to QuickBooks allows users to use Shipment date from the Ship tab of a sale as Shipping Date in QBO when available. If a Shipment date is available when the invoice is synced, it will be used. If there is no Shipment Date available or this setting is turned off, the Required By date will be used instead.


You can now make partial payments for Stripe and PayPal invoices. Stripe and PayPal invoices will now have buttons for Pay [Order Total] and Pay Less, where you can enter the value to pay.


There are several new improvements in DEAR POS due to customer demand. These include the following:

  • Click & Collect can now process fulfilled sales to accept payment via POS.
  • Allow overriding payment method account mapping at the outlet level.
  • Configure Surcharges on Custom Payment Methods.


DEAR WMS app is now available on iOS for users of iOS 9 or above.

During Pick, you can now change the selected bin (through scanning the bin or through manually entering the bin name) to override the pick order.

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