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New Release – 7th JULY 2019

07 Jul, 2019 | Release Notes

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Improved email sending in DEAR Inventory B2B Portal

The DEAR B2B eCommerce portal enables your customers to browse and order from your catalogue 24/7. It provides a scalable and flexible platform uniquely focused on companies doing business with each other – for example, manufacturers selling to distributors and wholesalers selling to retailers.

Email sending in DEAR B2B has been improved in this release. Previously, your customers’ emails in DEAR B2B Portal were sent to DEAR first, then we forwarded them to you. We’ve now removed ourselves from this process, making it much faster than before. From now on, emails will be sent directly to your designated portal contact on the DEAR B2B integration page. This means that your contact will now receive customer emails directly without going through DEAR.

For more information on DEAR B2B, click here.

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