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New Release – 6th SEPTEMBER 2020

06 Sep, 2020 | Release Notes

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New Feature

Feature 1: Production – Co-manufacturing

Impact area: Production module.

Introduction: Co-manufacturing operation is the outsourcing of part of the manufacturing process or full production process of a product to a third-party. In simple words, co-manufacturing is a process when a manufacturer purchases a finished good or service from another manufacturer.

DEAR now supports full and partial co-manufacturing. Please see the documentation for more information on how to set up production with co-manufacturing.

Pre-condition: None.

More information: Co-manufacturing (outsourcing parts of the production process)


Feature 2: CRM

Impact area: CRM (new module – beta release).

Introduction: While DEAR already had the ability to manage customers and sales, we have now expanded this to offer the most commonly requested features for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), such as lead management, opportunity management, and task management. A new CRM module has been added to DEAR Inventory. Further updates to this module will expand the CRM features available to our users.


  • Enable tasks module from Settings → Automation → Task Settings.
  • Configure CRM and Tasks permissions for users from Settings → Users and Roles.

More information: Getting Started with CRM


Feature 3: Manual cost distribution for transferred products

Impact area: Inventory module.

Introduction: Performing stock transfers can incur extra costs which then need to be distributed across the products. This can include handling fees, insurance, transportation fees, etc. Manual journals are used to distribute expenses to stock transfers. DEAR allows costs to be distributed manually as well as according to product Cost, Quantity, Weight, or Volume.

Pre-condition: Stock transfer must be completed for Manual Journal tab to appear.

Functionality: Please follow the detailed instructions in the link below..

More information: Landed Cost Expense Distribution – Allocate Landed Costs to a Purchase, Stock Transfer, Assembly or Production Runs using a Manual Journal.


Feature 4: DEAR POS – Lock screen when not in use

Impact area: DEAR POS.

Introduction: Many merchants require the POS to be locked after a certain time period to prevent unauthorized use of the POS application. This new feature provides the ability to set the POS application to be locked out after a certain amount of idle time has passed.

Pre-condition: Active POS Integration.


  • From the DEAR web portal, navigate to Integrations → DEAR POS → [select store] → Setup.
  • Under “Security Settings”, slide the “Enable Auto lock” to active. This will allow you to configure the “Auto Lock After” setting and set how much idle time is required before the POS application is locked.
  • If the “Enable PIN” setting is active, the lock screen will prompt the user to enter their security PIN. If Enable PIN is not active, the user will need to log in again with their email and password.

More information:


Feature 5: DEAR POS – Assigning multiple outlets to a user

Impact area: DEAR POS.

Introduction: Previously, DEAR offered the ability to assign either All outlets or one single outlet to a given POS user. With this release, a user can be assigned access to multiple POS outlets.

Pre-condition: Active POS Integration.


From the DEAR web portal:

  • Navigate to Integrations → DEAR POS → [select store] → Users.
  • Click the Outlet field for a user to open a dropdown menu. Multiple outlets can now be selected for a user.

From the DEAR POS application:

  • Navigate to Menu → Users.
  • Click a user to edit their details.
  • Click the Outlet field for a user to open a dropdown menu. Multiple outlets can now be selected for a user.

More information:


Feature 6: DEAR POS – Product availability icon in DEAR POS mobile application

Impact area: DEAR POS.

Introduction: Previously, the mobile version of the DEAR POS application had no way for a user to check the product availability on the product catalog tiles alongside image and title. This release feature adds the product availability icon to the mobile application.


  • Active DEAR POS integration.
  • Download and install DEAR POS mobile application.


  • From the DEAR web portal, navigate to Integrations → DEAR POS → [select store] → Setup.
  • Under “POS UI Settings”, ensure the “Product availability” icon is active. This will show the product availability icon on catalog tiles in the POS web portal or mobile application.


Feature 7: Additional payment details in DEAR POS reports and Financial Payment Details Report

Impact area: DEAR POS Reports, DEAR Reports.

Introduction: Additional payment details have been added to the DEAR POS Register Closure Report, DEAR POS Payment Type Summary Report and Financial Payment Details Reports.

Pre-condition: None.


  • POS Payment Type Summary Report: This report shows the amount charged to each of your payment types. It can be filtered by date, outlet, register, and user. Each payment type displayed in this report can now be expanded to show additional details (Receipt #, Customer and Amount Paid) for all the sales that corresponds to that payment type.
  • POS Register Closure Report: This report shows a summary for a register after closing and can be filtered by date, outlet, and register. It is divided into Sales, Payments (and now Payment Types), Cash Movements, Account Sales, Surcharges, and Notes blocks, with each block showing more detailed information.
  • Financial Payment Details Report: Users can now show results from “All Accounts” as well as each specific account. A new heading, “Document Total”, has been added, to compare document totals against account payments.

More information:


Feature 8: Service purchases no longer shown on Purchase Order Details Report

Impact area: DEAR Reports.

Introduction: Previously, the Purchase Order Details report would display empty entries for service purchases and purchases with only additional costs. These purchases no longer show at all to avoid confusion, only purchases of stock are shown on the purchase order details report.

Pre-condition: None.

More information: Purchase Order Details Report


Bug fixes: Production module – Nested production only generated when nested product is not in stock, reset resource allocation upon early completion of production order.

Impact area: Production module.


  • Nested production orders are now only created if the nested order product is not in stock, either in the shop floor warehouse or in the connected warehouse.
  • Previously, when an order was allocated and occupied resources for example, 10 days, but was completed in 2 days, the remaining 8 days were still considered to be occupied by this order. This fix ensures resource allocation is reset when an order is completed earlier than planned.

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