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New Release – 4th AUGUST 2019

Catalogue items can now be listed on DEAR B2B Portal via a Product’s Channels tab

Impact areas: DEAR B2B, Inventory

Introduction: Items in a customer’s product catalogue can now be listed on their DEAR B2B Portal from the product’s Channels tab. 

Functionality: Posting inventory items is more convenient with this enhancement since the product’s Channels page shows the available stock quantity that can be posted on the B2B Portal. The available stock shown in inventory is taken from the portal location setting on the DEAR B2B Portal Integration page, which is accessible from Integrations > B2B Portal. If a portal location is not specified, the available stock will reflect the number of items in all locations.


Predefined package types can be set on the StarShipIT Integration page

Impact areas: StarShipIT Integration, Sale, DEAR Warehouse Management System

Introduction: Multiple predefined package types can be added on the StarShipIT Integration page. 

Functionality: Multiple package types can be added through a new ‘+Predefined package types’ section on the StarShipIT Integration page, which is accessible from Integrations > StarShipIT. The dimensions of the package types are set at the time of their creation. The package types are selectable when printing shipping labels. They are also available for selection in DEAR Warehouse Management System (WMS).


Audit Log covers more modules

Impact areas: Audit Log, System Security

Introduction: The Audit Log now covers more modules, in line with our initiative to streamline system auditing features into a single module, aside from the available Activity Logs in all DEAR Inventory modules.

Functionality: The Audit Report is available in Reports > Audit Reports. The report now reflects all actions in the following modules: Assembly, Disassembly, Stock Transfer, Stocktake, Stock Adjustment, Money Received, Money Spent, Bank Transfer, Manual Journal, Inventory Write-off, and Expense Claims. The features of the old System Activity Report had earlier been incorporated into the Audit Report.


Configuration of recipients in email templates

Impact areas: Email templates, Sale, Purchase

Introduction: Default email addresses can be set for each email template. If default email addresses are set for a template used in the Sale and Purchase modules, there is no longer any need to enter email addresses when sending emails from these modules. This makes for a faster and more convenient emailing process. Moreover, emails can now be sent in bulk from the Sale and Purchase modules.

Functionality: Email templates are managed under Settings > Document & Email Templates. To add email recipients to a template, click the template, then set either or both the All active users and All company contacts settings to Yes.


Sending of emails for stock transfer actions 

Impact areas: Stock transfers, Inventory

Introduction: An Email feature is now available on the Stock Transfers page. This means that users can now email stock transfer documents, e.g. Product Labels (Inventory Adjustment and Transfer), Stock Transfer documents, and Stock Transfer Orders.

Pre-condition: Only users with the capability to print documents during stock transfers are allowed access to the Email feature.

Functionality: Stock transfers are initiated from Inventory > Transfer. After adding an item for stock transfer, to email, the document(s) related to the stock transfer, click the Email button on the top left of the Stock Transfer page.


New permissions for users tasked with approving, rejecting, and reviewing sales quotes and purchase orders

Impact areas: Sale, Purchase

Introduction: There are two new permissions that can be assigned to personnel tasked to approve, reject and review sales quotes and purchase orders

Functionality: User permissions are set in Settings > Users & Roles. If users tasked with approving/rejecting/reviewing sales quotes and/or purchase orders are assigned to a role, make sure to assign the role Full Access to either the Sale Task – Quote Approve/Reject/Review or   Purchase Task – Order Approve/Reject/Review permissions or both. If no role has been assigned, assign the permissions to the designated users instead.


New Fulfilment Details Report shows fulfilment details of authorised sales orders

Impact areas: Reports, Advanced Sales

Introduction: The new Fulfilment Details Report shows fulfilment details of authorised sale orders filtered by sale order date. This enhancement also includes the addition of a Shipping Note field when entering an Advanced Sale transaction. 

Pre-condition: Users must have the Sales Reporting access permissions to access this sales report.

Functionality: The new Fulfilment Details Report is generated under Reports > Sales Reports. 

It can also be automatically generated and sent out to authorised users using the Report Scheduling feature available to DEAR customers with Automation module subscriptions. Non-inventory products are excluded from the report. The related Shipping Note field is displayed to users during the Ship process for Advanced Sales.

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