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New Release – 30th JUNE 2019

30 Jun, 2019 | Release Notes

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New improvements to DEAR


DEAR POS-related Improvements

There are two DEAR POS improvements in this new release.

On the DEAR POS Integration page, there is now additional permission for DEAR POS users to view the Dashboard. Although enabled by default, organisations can now disable access if needed, allowing for finer-grained user access control. Previously, all DEAR POS users could view the Dashboard.

On DEAR POS itself, every time users with Can Change Discount permissions modify a discount on a product in a sale, a warning message appears. Users can now prevent this message from appearing again.


DEAR B2B-related Improvements

There are also several DEAR B2B improvements in this release.

It is now possible for multiple gallery images to be displayed on the B2B Product page. There is a limit of 10 images on this new capability.

In addition, an RRP price tier can now be set within DEAR Inventory and displayed on the B2B Products page.

Additional order details such as estimated delivery date, delivery address, and carrier name and tracking number are also now viewable from the B2B Orders page.

On the Shopping Cart, deal information, if there is any, can now be seen as well.


New User Permission for Automation – Workflow

There is now a separate user permission for creating workflow processes under Automation. Previously, this was covered in a single Automation user permission. With the new user permission, only authorised users will be able to configure workflows.


Completion of Audit Report Phase 3 Changes

The migration of the activities covered under the old System Activity Report is now complete. With this, the Audit Report now displays the details of all actions performed by each user in DEAR, including integration- and security-related changes made by authorised users to DEAR configuration settings.


Stronger security in DEAR-Stripe Integration makes it fully compliant with GDPR Standards

The integration between DEAR and Stripe has been further strengthened security-wise as DEAR implemented a stronger security framework that allows it to meet the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards implemented in May 2018.

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