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New Release 30/05/2013 – Serial Numbers, Barcodes, Batches, Recurring Invoices‏

We are excited to let you know about our most recent release. After collecting some excellent feedback from our customers we have added a number of features which add even further value to our great product. Some of the new features in our most recent release are below.

Serial Numbers

Collect serial numbers of inventory to search and track availability of individual stock items rather than just the overall quantity.


Use the barcode to search and track availability of inventory in the database.


Track batches, or groups, of a specific item. Similar to serialised inventory, except a batch represents a group of items instead of an individual unit. A batch number is assigned to each batch of items, and the number stays with the batch as it goes through the system. You can track when each batch was received, shipped, built, and so on.

Improved Dashboard

DEAR dashboard has been improved to display a snapshot of your organisation’s financial position based on transactions entered into DEAR Inventory. The usability of Dashboard has been expanded and now allows you to directly drill down into transactions, or quickly perform common tasks such as initiate stock reorder or adding sales invoices or bills.

Recurring Invoices

The recurring invoicing function of DEAR Inventory allows you to invoice customers on a regular basis. Billing cycles can be scheduled for any number of monthly increments and set to bill on a preferred processing day.

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