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New Release – 29th MARCH 2020

29 Mar, 2020 | Release Notes

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New Features

Feature 1: Production Module Improvements

Impact area: DEAR Production Module.

Introduction: The Production module is aimed at addressing the needs of the production process. New production features will provide our current customers with powerful, logical manufacturing solutions to add to their inventory solution.

Following on from our most recent releases, we are continuing to improve the Production module functionality and add features. This release’s new features are:

  • Resource Unit of Time: Unit of time for Resource cost calculation can now be set in seconds as well as minutes and hours. Managing Production Resources – Operational hours and capacity.
  • Production Run – Scheduled start time: Scheduled start date field is added to the Production Run. This is the date on which Production should be started according to the Scheduler.
  • Production Order – Recalculation of order quantities according to availability: If availability of a finished good changes between when the Production Order is planned and when it is released, the user has the option to change the Production Order quantity to reflect this change.
  • Production Order – Related Orders: Changes to which orders are displayed on the related orders tab for a Production Order. See Managing Production Orders – Related Orders
  • Production Order – Put Away: Put away for Production Orders can be executed to any location set up in Reference Books -> Locations and bins.
  • Scheduler: Buffer % filter has been renamed to Priority filter and ordered by colour for clarity.
  • Production Overdue Report: “Show Production Runs” checkbox gives the option to toggle between viewing Production Orders or Production Runs on the report. 

Pre-conditions: None.


Feature 2: Attachment Tabs for Customers, Suppliers and Finished Goods Assemblies.

Impact area: Sale Module, Purchase Module, Production Module.

Introduction: A tab for Attachments has now been added to the Customer page, Supplier page and Assembly page. Documents < 10MB in size can be dragged and dropped into the tab to be attached.

Documents printed or emailed from the Assembly page will be automatically saved to the attachments tab.

Pre-conditions: None.


Feature 3: Reports “More Fields” button renamed to “Configure Layout”

Impact area: Reports module.

Introduction: The “More Fields” button on all reports has been renamed to “Configure Layout”. The function and fields have not been changed.

Pre-conditions: None.


Feature 4: “My Favourites” menu item removed for B2B guest users

Impact area: DEAR B2B.

Introduction: The “My Favourites” menu item has been removed from view for guest users of DEAR B2B.

Pre-conditions: None.


Feature 5: Shipping Service Improvements

Impact area: DEAR Inventory, Shipping integrations (Shippit, Starshipit, Shipstation).

Introduction: We have made some changes to error handling for shipping integrations to improve our service.

  • When an error occurs while generating shipping labels or getting shipping rates, a link to a downloadable text file with the error data will be displayed with the error. 
  • If the error is unexpected (such as an unhandled error from shipstation), in that case, an email dialog box with attached log file will be generated, which can be used to email the error log to shipping provider support.

When Shipping Labels are generated via Shippit, product information is now sent to Shippit. (this is already the case for other supported shipping services.)

Pre-conditions: None.

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