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New Release 29-OCT-2018, New Improvements to DEAR POS, Product SKU’s, General Settings,Simple Purchases & More!

New Improvements to DEAR



  • New Salable SKU. Get notified when new products are Created when the “I’m selling this product” option or when existing product changes the option to enabled.


  • Address lookup. Google Maps API will help add contact addresses on pages when creating a new purchase, supplier, customer, sale at the form as drop down list which autocomplete as you enter key words.


  • Smart Reordering POS. The Parked Sales page will be refreshed Automatically every minute it’s open.


  • New general setting. “Fill invoice date” will have 2 options: Current Date and Sale Order Date. When an invoice date is auto-filled, a new setting will be applied when a Sale task or a Sale List Bulk Actions is being used selecting a option to determine value for invoice date.


  • Combined Sales printing: Two new mail merge tables are added which contains carrier information for order and pick which are Orders Combined By Carrier and Pick Combined No Batches By Carrier.


  • Advanced Purchase: New Improvement to Purchase cost calculation, cost distribution is implemented for cases when partial stock received for Invoicing & Receiving the items and in support for accrual transactions for advanced purchase.


  • Simple Purchase. Users are now allowed printing and emailing a draft purchase order.


  • DEAR POS. This task implements chained exchanges, Users are able to make a sale, then exchange one item, then exchange previously exchanged item/s.


  • DEAR POS. Users are now allowed to set up reordering quick keys.
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