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New Release 29/06/2015 – Amazon, Etsy and Neto Beta integrations, Bigcommerce, Capsule CRM, Shopify enhancements, Purchase and Sale Order Import

We are pleased to announce a number of implemented user suggestions in our June release.

Amazon, Etsy and Neto Beta integrations released
New integrations give better visibility over order and inventory management and help streamline your backend operations by providing seamless integration between your sale channel, inventory management and your accounting application.

You can now manage your sale channel product listings (except Amazon), inventory costs and quantities as well as sale orders/invoices from DEAR.

Bigcommerce integration is now formally approved and available for use.

Capsule CRM
The first version of Capsule integration allows download of contact list from your CRM and subsequent conversion of contacts to either supplier or customer records.

To help automate the process DEAR allows mapping of Capsule tags to either customer, supplier or ignore options which will automatically create the Customer and Supplier records in DEAR or will completely ignore a contact with a given tag.

WooCommerce version upgrade
In release adds support for Woocommerce versions 2.3.9, 2.3.10, 2.3.11.

Shopify enhancements
Improvements have been made to tax rule allocation for US Shopify users. Tax rules are now attributed based on the location of the Shopify store as well as the location of the sale made via Shopify. Shopify still calculates the taxes however DEAR is now able to intelligently map these taxes to specific tax rules.

Additional setting is now available for fulfilment creation in Shopify after Ship is completed in DEAR sale order. The setting can prevent creation of fulfilment in Shopify if tracking number and carrier is not available in DEAR.

Purchase and Sale Order Import
It is now possible to bulk import Purchase and Sale Orders via CSV templates in respective Purchase and Sale modules. The upload feature is ideal for historical purchase and sale uploads and simplifies the process of data entry for a large volume of transactions.

PO/SO and InvoiceNumber fields have been added to Transactions report.

Invoice Currency Rate and Payment Currency Rate fields have been added to Purchase Order Details report.

Mailmerge fields Category and Brand have been added to sales tables where ProductCode field is available.

Inventory List CSV template
Inventory list template has been modified and now includes ProductFamilyName, ProductFamilyOption1Name, ProductFamilyOption2Name, ProductFamilyOption3Name

Added a new general settings option to control CC field in email generated from Sale and Purchase modules.

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