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New Release – 28th JUNE 2020

New Features

Feature 1: Production Module improvements – Inputs/Outputs, Wastage posting

Impact area: DEAR Production Module.

Introduction: The Production module is aimed at addressing the needs of the production process. New production features will provide our current customers with powerful, logical manufacturing solutions to add to their inventory solution. Following on from our most recent releases, we are continuing to improve the Production module functionality and add features.

Pre-conditions: None.


Some production processes need to stock the intermediate results (products) of their operations for use in later operations. Such intermediate products can be reflected in the Production BOM to increase accuracy in production reporting and transparency for the production process. These are known as intermediate or semi-finished products in DEAR.

In the course of production some wastage can appear. These can include intermediate or semi-finished products which are unsuitable for production or finished goods which are unsuitable for sale. Waste costs can be either included into the production cost or posted to an expense account. This setting can be managed from Settings → General Settings → Purchase Process Customisation.

When posted to an expense account, cost of waste is based on the sales price. Wastage quantities are input …

More information:


Feature 2: Bulk deletion of Product Suppliers via CSV file import

Impact area: Inventory module.

Introduction: While it was possible to add supplier product prices to products in bulk via CSV import, DEAR lacked the option to bulk delete them. Bulk deletion of product suppliers has now been added..

Pre-conditions: None.


  1. Go to Inventory → Products → Export → Product Prices by Supplier and download the CSV file.
  2. Open the file. Type Delete in the action column of all the supplier product prices you wish to remove from your products.
  3. Save the file and re-upload the edited file via Inventory → Products → Import → Product Prices by Supplier.

More information:


Feature 3: Product images can now be added to stock task document templates

Impact area: Document templates.

Introduction: Product images can now be added to Stock Adjustment, Stocktake and Stock Transfer document templates.

Pre-conditions: None.


Document templates are customised from Settings → Document and Email templates. ProductImage mailmerge field has been added to the StockTransferOrder, StockTransferDetail, and InventoryAdjustment field code tables. This means product images can now be added to documents of type Product Label (Inventory Adjustment and Transfer), Stocktake, Stock Adjustment, Stock Transfer, and Stock Transfer Order.

Use this mail merge to display image:

More information:


Feature 4: Dedicated DB Server removes API call limit

Impact area: DEAR Inventory.

Introduction: Users with a dedicated DB server no longer have restrictions on numbers of API calls. Using a dedicated database server ensures that your DEAR application performance cannot be affected by other DEAR users, giving a more stable and consistent experience. This option is recommended for customers with high volumes of sales.

Pre-conditions: Upgrade subscription to include dedicated database server.


There are three dedicated database server options, all three options remove the API call limit:

This change is permanent. If you move to a dedicated database server, it is not possible to return back to a shared database.


Feature 5: DEAR POS – Search additional attributes from POS register

Impact area: DEAR POS.

Introduction: Additional attributes of a product can now be searched from the POS register. This allows POS users to use the feature to store additional or multiple barcodes for a product.

Pre-conditions: None.

Functionality: Detailed instructions are provided in the link below. Other information stored in additional attributes product fields can also be searched from the POS register. Exact match search only.

More information:


Feature 6: eCommerce, DEAR POS – process order adjustments for unfulfilled returned items

Impact area: DEAR POS, Amazon Integration, eBay Integration, Shopify Integration, Magento Integration, Magento 2.0 Integration, WooCommerce Integration, Shipstation Integration, Etsy Integration, Square Integration.

Introduction: Unfulfilled sales may occur when there is insufficient stock availability in the system but an eCommerce or POS sale is completed anyway. Previously when an eCommerce or DEAR POS sale is unfulfilled (for example, if an order was cancelled), the incomplete fulfillment would block credit notes from being issued and refunds from being issued.

DEAR has applied a fix to the logic of how credit notes, refunds and restock for such sales are handled. Credit notes and refunds are now processed for the authorised invoice amount, regardless of invoice status. Restock of unfulfilled orders is now controlled by new setting Ignore Restock for non-fullfilled Sales.

Pre-conditions: Active eCommerce integration.

Functionality: For DEAR POS and affected eCommerce integrations, credit notes and refunds are issued for the authorised invoice amount regardless of the fulfillment status of the order.

On the eCommerce/POS integration settings tab, a new setting Ignore Restock for non-fullfilled Sales has been added. This setting will be displayed only when the Pick, Pack and Ship processing mode setting value is set to Auto Pick+Pack+Ship.

In DEAR POS, a notification pop-up will appear informing the user if they about to process a sale for a product with insufficient stock availability. The user must confirm if they wish to go ahead with the sale.


Feature 7: Shiptheory – Select SO # or Invoice # as reference number

Impact area: Shiptheory integration.

Introduction: Orders are passed from DEAR to Shiptheory with a reference number which is printed on Shiptheory shipping labels. Previously this was set to the invoice number. Fulfilling a customer request, a new setting also allows the sale order number to be used as the reference number.

Pre-conditions: Active Shiptheory integration.

Functionality: In Integrations → Shiptheory, set Use as Document Number to either Invoice number or Order number.

More information:


Feature 8: Shopify – separate fulfillment settings for POS/website sales

Impact area: Shopify Integration.

Introduction: For DEAR Shopify integrations, the same business could have their operations running through a website and POS for the same Shopify store. Shopify users would like to have different fulfillment processes defined for the sales initiated through Shopify POS compared to through their Shopify website. An extra layer of validation has also been added to correct issues with fulfillment of Shopify POS orders containing serial/batch products.

Pre-conditions: Active Shopify integration.


More information:


Feature 9: B2B Portal – appearance redesign

Impact area: DEAR B2B Portal.

Introduction: Some improvements have been made to the appearance of the B2B portal. The changes will not affect users’ own customisations.

Pre-conditions: Active B2B Portal.


More information:


Fix: Allow editing sale order/invoice prices when Allow Editing Authorised Documents permission is Full Access

Impact area: Sale module.

Functionality: Fix has been applied to allow editing sale order and sale invoice prices when Allow Editing Authorised Documents permission is set to full access.

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