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New Release 25-Nov-2015 – Improvements to Xero and QBO integration, Handshake integration, Purchase and Sale bulk actions

25 Nov, 2015 | Release Notes

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Release Notes 25.11.2015

Latest DEAR Inventory release includes a number of frequently requested enhancements which we hope will improve your daily operations.


Xero have enhanced the API to include Item Name and DEAR will now update Item Name field when publishing/syncing products to Xero.


QBO have recently introduced an optional product SKU field for products. DEAR now supports Product SKU field in QBO for import/export.
Please note that DEAR will only import SKU from QBO for new products which were setup in QBO and will only push SKU to new products created in DEAR. Existing products will not be updated to ensure data integrity.

Handshake Beta

We are pleased to release a beta integration with Handshake for your Mobile Order Writing, B2B eCommerce Portal and Web order management needs. We welcome all users with existing Handshake accounts to start testing the integration and provide valuable feedback.

Purchase and Sale bulk actions

The new enhancement will help save time and streamline order processing by allowing you to bulk complete certain Purchase and Sale task operations such as Authorising Orders, Quotes, Pick, Pack and Ship as well as performing Undo and Void.
The major enhancement in this release is the ability to bulk email customers and suppliers.
You are able to access bulk operations from View All Purchase or View All Sales screens.

Stock Adjustment and Stock Transfer CSV uploads

To simplify the process of performing stock adjustments and transfers for a large volume of inventory items we have released new CSV templates which can be found in respective Stock Adjustment and Stock Transfer modules.

Undo Pack/Ship and Pick

Undo function for Pack/Ship and Pick has been separated from the rest of the Sale task and now allows you to perform Undo for these steps without affecting the Sale Order and Invoice.

Emailing from DEAR

New general settings option added for sending emails to use DEAR as sender. New options should solve deliverability/spam folder issues with emailing documents from DEAR.

Email subject fields now available

Subject field in Emails can be templated with several fields. Manage Document and Email templates module now allows you to automatically insert available merge fields into the Email Subject line via clickable tooltip.

Document Printing – Product Quantity decimal places

Quantity formatting in printout reports is now controlled by new General Setting option (number of decimal places in Quantity field). Default value for this setting is 2 decimal places.


Gift message for Magento orders will be captured instead of order comments if gift message is not empty. The message will be stored in Invoice Memo field.
New option added for Magento and other integrations, where applicable, to disable shipping info update from DEAR to eCommerce sale channel.


Enhanced integration with Vend to support gift cards. You will now be able to select a liability account in Setup page to cater to gift cards being purchased in Vend.


Shopify integration has been improved with option to skip discount codes from importing to DEAR.

All sale channel integrations

Shipping info update can be optionally disabled for all sales channels if not required.
Unlink button added to all integrations catalogs to enable the user to break the link to incorrectly mapped products between DEAR and the sale channel.
Sale channel integrations now support creation of orders in Draft as well as Authorised stage (excludes Shopify and eBay).
Gift card functionality has been extended to all sales channels which support gift card concept.

Finished Goods/Assembly enhancement

Performing undo/cancel of sale which triggered creation of finished goods for kit assembly will Void finished goods/kits created as a result, unless already used in any other task.

Product family editing

Product family setup screen has been improved with individual options price editing added, when family price changes you are prompted on whether variation prices need to be updated.


Price tiers 2 and 3 added to Inventory Availability report. Profit less Journals field added to all reports where the Profit field is displayed.


DatePrinted mail merge field in DEAR printouts will now utilise time zone set in General Settings.

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